The Perks of Being a Bookseller: Part 87
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  • July 11, 2016

Hey folks. How’s everyone post-American holiday? Everybody blow things up in the name of liberty? Good? Good.

Things have been going…well, just going for me. I’ll get to that in a moment. But first, books!



As you can see, the incoming books really do never end, which on many levels is good and on others is also good, just stressful. I still don’t have the attention span to read more than a couple a month at this time. Hormones can be real progress killers.

To speak briefly on the pregnancy front (and then I promise I’ll let it go) here’s an update: I am 25 weeks now. I recently discovered that I have gestational diabetes (that should go away post-delivery). So, I have been trying my damndest to manage that, but it’s not going well. Last week I had to begin self-administering insulin, which I have gotten the hang of…but is also not fixing the problem. On top of everything, I developed an allergy related head-cold and have been sleeping in the last three mornings, which does nothing to help my morning-fast high sugar levels (which is the biggest problem). Apparently, the hormone my placenta is kicking out is just too much soooo…yeah. Next step is to probably adjust the insulin (again) or change it/add a different one. Joy.

For those keeping track, no, I have not had an easy pregnancy. Here’s the laundry list of ailments thus far:

(late February) Week 7: Discovered I was pregnant.
Week 8: Morning sickness hit me full force. Lasted through week 14. Also developed allergy complications at the same time.
Week 9: The allergies got worse and pneumonia set in as a result. Pneumonia complications  lasted through 21 weeks (really!). Improvement throughout after the first month and a half, but the complications were not completely gone until mid-June.
Week 21-22: A three-hour glucose test (the second test after a one hour one) determined that I have gestational diabetes. Started recording food and testing blood sugars four times a day.
Week 23-24: Began administering 10 units of insulin to try to control the high blood sugars. New testing number is five times a day plus the one shot at night.
Week 24: Developed allergy head and sinus cold. Feel miserable. Missed all the Fourth of July celebrations, thank you very much. Insulin amount jumped to 20 units at night.
Week 25: Insulin jumps to 30 units at night. Still cannot get the morning fast numbers under control. Still feeling weird. Allergies are finally (almost) gone.

Current: Morning fast numbers are high and increasing. We’ll see how they decide to temper this.

So yeah… I have had about three random weeks total where I did not feel like I was dying since early March. Explains some of the radio silence, huh?

Beyond that, here’s an ultrasound photo of the little Xenomorph from last month, which makes it infinitely worth it.


Awww, baby Bibliopunkk!!! How awesome is that?

And now that the pregnancy log is updated…back to books!

I’ve been tackling a bunch of freelance reviews and have two new ones lined up – What Light by Jay Asher and Something in Between by Melissa de la Cruz. I’m hoping they’re good, because I haven’t had much luck with good books for my paid freelance work recently and it’s making wonder why I keep doing it. I read A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess which did nothing for me (another freelance book). I had such trouble with it that it temporarily soured me from Replica by Lauren Oliver which I finally finished in a medicated, exhaustive haze. I also read The Girl on the Train in the midst of Replica, because I was so soured on it momentarily from the Cluess book. It just was very basic to me (the Cluess book). I did enjoy The Girl on the Train, though. It put me back in the mood for that kind of thing, and I have been thinking of re-picking up Maestra by Hinton, which I read the first 5 chapters of a while back but my e-ARC expired. It was really good, what I read, but we’ll see if I am in the mood for it again. Sometimes stacking two thrillers so close is fraught with peril.

I have another stack of awesome hanging out for me. Much of it is the same stack of awesome from last month, as I didn’t do a ton of reading this month thanks to…things. But, I am going on vacation next week and hopefully that may help. I also set up this list of late-pregnancy reads (mostly rereads) to tempt me when I am more laid up with baby. I just finished Howl’s Moving Castle, which I adore but, again, concentration is terrible and there’s little to be done about that. I’m trying, just failing miserably.

I yearn for the 15-books-a-month days of reading. I don’t know if I’ll ever get back there, but Im’ma try.

I think that’s probably it here, folks. What are you reading now? What are you looking forward to read?


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2016-07-11 15:06:26 Reply

Well, what a pregnancy journey you are having! No two are the same, some women just whip right through, some run the whole gamut of problems from A to Z.

I see you have the Susan Cooper books on the stack. Yeay! I so enjoyed those, over and over.