The Perks of Being a Bookseller – Part 80
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  • August 31, 2015

Hello all!

I was on a self-imposed vacation from blogging for a bit. But I have still been acquiring books and lovely things from publishers. Take a look-see.


– The pile that I took up north last month (and only read a fraction of) –


– Acquisitions #1: Mixed Bag –


– Acquisitions #2: Harpercollins goodies –


– Acquisitions #3: Mixed Bag part 2 –

The last few weeks have just been busy for me. I have been working a lot, which always takes away from doing this. But it also has taken away my energy to do things outside of my abilities. I also traveled a lot recently, visiting my mom a couple of times who is over two hours away, attending weddings…you know. Life. Life has pulled me away from this. Hence the self-imposed break. 

The good news, though, is that I have been reading like a fiend. The bad news is that I had a handful of books that did not survive the 75 page mark. Truthfully, I had a couple that did not survive the twenty page mark, but those were best left unreviewed. It’s not worth the time it takes to detail why reading that little of a book does not warrant a review. It’s just bad, and that is all. Or it did not suit my taste at the moment. Or I could not get into it. Nothing more.

But I have had others that have been good or that are continuing to astound me. For the first time ever I have immersed myself in the stunning world of The Godfather by the late Mario Puzo. I have never seen any of the films so reading the book first made more sense to me. There are so few book-to-film adaptations that I have not seen that when one comes along (such as this one) I feel compelled to explore it in print form to begin with. So, I started reading that and, lo and behold, I am enjoying it much to my surprise. Mysteries have never done it for me, as I have said multiple times on this blog. However, I am discovering that I am actually a huge fan of crime novels. I love characters who are morally corrupt at their cores. I love bad people doing bad things. I love vengeance plot lines and I adore court intrigue. The Godfather has all of these things in spades. Why would I not enjoy it?

I am still reading Jessica Verday’s The Hollow series. This is an odd one for me because I am enjoying reading it, but I can’t quite understand why? When I think about it, and when I sat down to review it, I had nothing overwhelmingly positive to say about it. And yet my curiosity about what is happening is circumventing my usual ability to define with no misunderstanding whether I liked a book or not. I liked it, but when I read my own review, I wonder if I shouldn’t have. There is so much wrong with it and yet upon finishing it I immediately opened book two, The Haunted, and am now starting book three, The Hidden. And I can’t even articulate why this is. Curious.

Sometimes, weird things happen when you are a reader. Like you weirdly want to suddenly reread the entire Twilight series, which I have been debating rereading for a few years (it’s always in the fall) (I like paranormal in the fall). I have also debated rereading Harry Potter for a number of years as well. Sigh, there is just not enough time to read everything that I want to commit to along with everything that I “should” be reading. Much less those that I “want” to reread.

On that note, this ongoing desire has actually prompted a new challenge for myself next year that has a voting component in it for all of you. In the next few weeks I will start posting a series of genre lists and books for you to vote on to help me prioritize my 2016 reading list. This worked very well with the Blood Magic Challenge from a few years back and I read some books that rocked my world that I did not expect to. So keep a look out for those lists to appear. I need all the help in the world to streamline my moods these days.

What else…there are other cool things going on. Macmillan is using a blurb that I wrote for Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo back in…oh… March? I feel like it was March when I read it. It was definitely VERY early in my Bookbug career.

Behold said blurb.

SIxOfCrows Promo

So yeah, that’s all sorts of nifty, if I dare say so myself. Everything is going up in my bookworld, and I am very happy about all of it.

I think that might be all for now, kind ladies and gents and non-binary gendered folk. What are you reading these days? What are you most looking forward to reading in the future?

I’m out!

– BP

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