Goalwar 2013 Edition
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  • January 2, 2013
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Hello folks.
Clearly my time encompassing side project has been completed if I have time to post this many times today. *sigh* But, it’s a good thing. New year and all. What else did I have to do today but sit in my jammies and veg?
Since the near year is upon us I am looking forward to the challenges and goals I will be giving myself to complete bookwise. They are as follows.

1. Buy limited books/read the ones I do purchase in 2013 – This goal was explained in today’s earlier post The Perks of Being a Bookseller: Part 1. This is a personal goal to try to limit the money I spend and make what I do spend more worthwhile. It partially has to do with budget and mostly has to do with this – I get a lot of books that I don’t read. While I want to, and do, support many authors I can only do so much, realistically speaking, if I do not have the time to read all of the books I am buying. If the intent in purchasing them is to someday review them then I need to get on that. So, in 2013 I plan to purchase less and I will keep the tally running in the Perks feature that I will write weekly.
We’ll just see how I do with that.
2. British/International reads challenge – I have a stack of books that I have bought from British and Australian publishers that are collecting dust on my shelves. I’d like to actually review some of them. I not going to stick to a number I want to hit, I just want to read some. I wish it was open to more International books, but I only read English I fear, so I’m stuck with that. I figure I will read more translated literature in the next featured Goal:
3. Classics – In 2012 I managed to read nine Classic books after challenging myself to only one (short stories included and 2 that I am partially through now). That’s HUGE. I want to keep that up, as Classics are another dust collector on my shelves. I love reading YA and Urban Fantasy, but I should read the books that are “good for me” as well. Or, at the very least, get through them so I can have more room for incoming books.
4. Non-Fiction Challenge – On the subject of books that are “good for me that go largely unread” here’s one inspired by my boyfriend, the Beekeer and Entomologist/Biologist Extraordinaire… Non-Fiction books. I’m going to say it, I haven’t read an actual Non-Fiction title since college, and probably not a complete one in as long as I can remember. His area of book specialization is Non-Fiction science tomes, which generally hold zero appeal to me. I’m going to read at least one this year, so help me.
Beekeeper, it’s on.
5. Debuts – Because I’m getting so many ARCs now I might as well focus somewhat on the fresh faces that need the boost. Again, no real number is attached to this goal. I just want to see how many I do  (last year I think I read 50).
6. Second Chances – This challenge is inspired by two books I read last year, one that landed in my top ten and one that I read in High School (and hated) – The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and The Great Gatsby. For the record, I still despise The Great Gatsby, but now I better understand why I do. This challenge is to allow myself a chance to look at the books that I only partially glanced at and said “I want to read you, but not right now” or “you’re really not doing anything for me”. It also allows me a second chance to look at books I might not have liked that I might like on second read.
Again, no goal number attached.
7. E-Books – I have about 15 e-books I downloaded into my computer that I need to read. The goal is to read them all, and any others that I might purchase (in the vein of the first goal I won’t purchase it unless I am planning on reading it).
Virtual piles have to be read too!
8. 100 Books – That is the number goal to hit this year – read 100 books (e-books and shorts included). That’s the only numeral that I am sticking to at all. I’ll be happy if I break that, considering I have now written two Manuscripts that need editing (one desperately so).
Okay all, those are my goals. What are yours?


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