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  • November 13, 2012
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Shades of Earth is the final book in the Across the Universe trilogy by Beth Revis. I was geeked when I received an advanced copy of the book last week from the publisher. I’m not sure if anyone else will feel these, but I was pleasantly surprised by my read of the first and second book… and that feeling is only amplified by this, the final book.

It doesn’t happen very often that I say this about a series, but I’m going to – Beth Revis has written a perfect trilogy.

Yep, I said it. Perfect.
*** Spoilers ahead for those who have not read Across the Universe or A Million Suns ***

 In Shades of Earth Elder and Amy find themselves, and Elder’s supporters, touching down on the new planet,  Centauri-Earth. What Elder didn’t account for was the one hundred newly unfrozen military members, including Amy’s parents. Between bruised egos and command complications the people find themselves under a new threat from the planet and they must band together to survive, though betrayal lurks around every corner.

Elder and Amy’s journey is beautiful and heartbreaking, particularly in this book. Revis has brought these two full circle. Seeing what happens to them, and between them, in this book is a treat. I felt the growth and I watched the struggle, and it’s perfect, even with all the curveballs Revis throws at them.

The other interesting thing about this book is the survival elements. Revis manages to write a survival novel in the vein of Robinson Crusoe and Mysterious Island… and then she tossed it into a far distant planet in space! Brilliant! It works, and it works so well. Add in the complexities from the previous two books and you have yourself an ending that will have readers on the edge of their teeth. Or by the edge of their seats. Both cliches work.

Revis has cemented herself firmly into the pantheon of autobuy YA authors. I will pretty much read everything she writes from here on out. As for Shades of Earth it’s an obvious 5 star read. I loved it.

– BP

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