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  • August 18, 2012
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It’s been a while since I wrote about anything that wasn’t a direct review. There have been reasons for this as I have been too busy in my non-book reading life to do such a thing. This month I spent time sitting with a loved one in the hospital, watching quite a bit more of the Olympics than I thought I would see. This may be the on/off again tone of things for a while… without the Olympics.

As you can imagine, this is very draining. However, it affords me the chance to get some things done. I wanted to examine the original 2012 Goalwar list from earlier this year to see where my progress stands. So, without any further adieu, the cursed, wretched list:

1. Read the Blood Magic Challenge books – I’m currently only one book behind, and that would be the one cited for the month of August 2012, which we are in the midst of. I do not know when I will get around to it, likely on next month’s goal (or at the end of the year). I do know that I have read three this month to catch back up, so there is that. The fact that I am currently up to speed after so many months of being behind is awesome. And truthfully, it just happened that way.

2. Read more Intermediate/Middle grade books – or those that are aged appropriate for 7 – 12 years old… or 2nd to 6th grade – I’ve read only one so far and do not seem to be doing much of anything about this goal. I seem to be caught up in so many of the other little challenges this year…

3. Read more Adult books – … like  this one. I was in the mood to read adult books for an entire month, if that gives you any idea. 20 read so far, not including the shorts.

4. Read more Short Stories – Also these, which I read for a while in between things. The anthologies haven’t been that great, but the downloadable shorts and e-book novellas by authors I love are rocking my world. 22 shorts or anthologies read total (more shorts than compilations, though).

5. Reread Harry Potter and Hunger Games (pre-movie) –  Harry Potter – This one did not happen and will not happen. I passed the point of “mood” for this goal to stick and now I won’t be doing it for some time. I’d like to think of this one as a Winter goal, but I have no idea if I’ll actually be able to accomplish this the upcoming winter or not. Like I said, it just may or may not happen.

Hunger Games happened though pre-movie. And the reread was just as good as the first go.

6. Read more Mercedes Lackey – Have not read a single book of hers this year. And this distresses me. A lot. Because she is love.

7. Read at least one classic book – This goal has surprised me, as I have actually read 4 so far and am currently reading the fifth one. Woot! About time.

8. Read at least over 100 titles – I’m currently sitting between 95 and 100… and the only reason I can claim two or three more is because I have read some titles that I am not supposed to talk about yet. But I just did, so I’m outing the secret. Which is why I shouldn’t blog when I’ve had a pint (or two).

9. FINISH DAMNED SECRET PROJECT! PERHAPS START SECOND SECRET PROJECT – The damned secret project was completed on January fifth, the first draft, at least. Since then I have written three drafts and plotted out MOST of the second as of yet unnamed SECRET PROJECT, which has a lot to do with the first secret project, but is not a sequel. Sorry folks, not gonna happen.

10. There are a couple of features I want to introduce in the the blog that are new and cool – …yeah, this hasn’t happened yet. My bad, I’ll try to be a better, more diverse blogger next year.

11. Late Add – Debuts. Read 2012 debuts – I’ve been doing decently. I just checked the debuts shelf on my goodreads. I’ve read/started 18 of them, more on the “read” as opposed to “started” bit as well. 18 out of 95+ books, not bad. I consider that goal accomplished.

So, considering everything going on, I’m not doing that bad. There have been many things that have happened this year that have taken me completely by surprise. Besides the obvious, personal one dealing with my sick loved one, I have had new developments occurring from my publisher contacts. One thing that has amped up this year are the amount of manuscripts I have been getting pre-ARC printings. I read about ten books in digital format from various publishers long before they were available on the ARC market. The idea is to garner my opinion on how the publisher should market it when it becomes available to the world at large. This is something I have found myself enjoying. Quite a lot. Like, I could do this professionally if someone wanted to pay me (Just throwing that out into the aether… someone needs to pay me for this eventually if you want me to keep doing it).

In all seriousness, I do wonder about moving from one end of book sales to another, but I don’t know if there is something available for someone with my skills in the publishing – the skills of a professional “reader”. If such a thing exists, and someone wants to pay me for this, contact me. Or if anyone has any suggestions on how to make this happen, contact me (bibliopunkk@gmail.com). Let me know that it’s not just a potential pipe dream.

So, to switch directions – Can I professionally whinge about the fact that Veronica Roth’s third book in the Divergent series is coming out a season later than usual? Originally intended for May-ish the new release date has now been slated for the Fall season – September 26, 2013. This says to me that she may be having problems editing the final draft of book 3. In light of that thought, by all means Roth, take your time. We’d all rather have a polished, awesome final book a little late rather than a mediocre book on time. Not that I think it will be mediocre in the slightest, but rushed books are always apparent in the text.

So there, I professionally whinged. I just wanted to get that out there so I can be done with it before the entire Internet realizes and explodes. Any thoughts for a final title folks (since it hasn’t been announced yet)? My thoughts: Emergent, Subservent, Convergent, Resurgent… My thoughts are that it will be Emergent, but I would love it it Harpercollins went with my all time personal rhyme-y fave – Detergent.

Just saying. *grins*

Also, my prediction of a title for the final book in Jodi Meadow’s Incarnate trilogy is this – Phoenix. No, I don’t have any insider info, but I read Asunder already and, believe me, Phoenix fits. Just a thought.

Okay, I’ve gone beyond updating into rambling territory, so I’ll stop. Thanks again for the emails and the interest in the blog as of late. I’m alive and keeping up. Thank all of the gods and the faeries as well.

– BP

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