Review – The Girl in the Steel Corset
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  • August 4, 2012
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The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross has sat on my to-be-read pile since before it was on the market.  I  was thrilled when it was voted into the Blood Magic Challenge. The mood finally struck and I picked it up this week. The Girl in the Steel Corset had many elements in it that I should have loved. That said, I didn’t finish the book.

Finley Jayne is 16 and working as a maid in a grand manor. The year is 1897 and she is desperate to hold onto her job despite the son of the estate attempting to man handle all of the female staff. Finley has a secret that threatens her peace; she has a darkness inside of her that always comes out at the wrong time. When her nature comes out and she has to flee her path takes her to Griffin King, a rich gentleman of leisure with a secret. Griffin welcomes her into his house of misfits and though Finley is on her guard she has no concept of what she’s really in for.
This book has supernatural elements galore, dirigibles and absinthe drinking, organic machines, leather and  and steel… I should have loved it. However, my problem was this – intense opening to suck me in and then 200 pages of character led pacing. Ordinarily I don’t mind character pieces, however, I never connected with either of the two leads. I found Finley to be one dimensional despite her two natured-ness and Griffin was a bit too much of a “Mr. Darcy” rich boy archetype for me. I found the side characters, Emily and Sam, to be more interesting. However, they weren’t present enough for me. Cross also kept introducing character after character and not enough plot to string them together for my personal tastes.
I made it halfway, and I’m veering. It’s become one of those books where I am looking ahead to see how many more pages I have left in the chapter, and how many more chapters I have left in the book… and that’s never good. I’ve spent way too long on this book to be where I’m at, and I am not willing to spend anymore time on it. I’m done.
2 out of 5 stars.
– BP

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