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  • August 17, 2012
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I’ve been catching up on the Blood Magic Challenge books. I was a couple behind for several straight months. With the read of Legend by Marie Lu I am officially caught up – except for this month’s read. Oh well, it’s better than being off by three books.

This was one of those books that I started yesterday and could have read in one sitting if I didn’t have plans otherwise. It was direct, fast paced, intense, and above all absorbing. And I loved it.

In the former territory of the United States a new Republic has been born. The Republic is constantly at war with the outside territories, the Colonies. Every aspect of the citizens lives are for the good of the Republic and this level of patriotism is personified with a young woman named June Iparis. June is a prodigy, the only person to every receive a perfect on the Trials, a standardized test that everyone must take at ten years of age. The government immediately has plans for June’s intellect after she graduates early at age 15. They assign her to track down a notorious criminal – Day.

Day is from the poor districts; a vagabond living off of his wits with another young orphan, Tess. For the past several years Day has been making trouble for the Republic, causing havoc in an attempt to protect his family who believes him to be dead. When a chance encounter with June’s brother, Metias, goes horrible wrong, Day and June find their paths crossing, though neither know the truth of each other’s background.

I absolutely loved this book, from the word go to the final page. It was fun, refreshing, and a breeze to get into. The narration of both characters draws you in immediately. Lu writes the story in alternating points of view. Putnam did something neat with the final book to set both characters apart; they printed Day’s POV chapters in gold and used different fonts for each character. This was a good, visual reminder to let you know that the stories would be quite different (though their voices didn’t really need differentiation). The tone of the world was great as well. It sucks you right in and never lets you go.

I’m not going to say it’s HUNGER GAMES LIKE, since everyone else uses that comparison these days. However, there are moments that will appeal to the fans, namely the rebellious anti-establishment character. Day is so not Katniss though, and I’m alright with that. I always like my rebels and my iconoclasts and Day firmly landed a place in my pantheon of favourites. I really loved his character.

…and everything else I really loved about Legend I can’t talk due to spoilers, so I’ll stop there. On that note, I am off to start Prodgy.

5 out of 5 gushing stars.

– BP

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