The Secret Project Revealed
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  • January 6, 2012

Awww… mauling…sad face.Many of you noticed I have been absent. Many of you probably noticed I haven’t been posting very many reviews in the month of December. Well, there was a reason, gentle readers. A very, very good reason.

I have been writing. Fiction writing, and not *indicatestheblog* this kind of writing. And I have been utterly absorbed by this project.

What happened was this. I used to write 10+ years ago. I stopped for a long time. I was completely uninspired. I thought I would never do anything that was non-critical, non-epistolary…not anything even close to what I have been doing, well frankly, ever again. I realize that statement is über dramatic, but it is fact. I thought I had lost the ability to construct stories. I have been semi gutted over this lack of production. However, I had accepted it as the way it was. I grew up, I stopped daydreaming.

I stopped being a lost boy and I became a pirate.

Well, as of yesterday, as of hours ago, I did it. I finished the first draft of a piece of fiction. Not only that but I finished the first draft of anything I have ever completed that was not a short story or a poem.

Yes. I am pretty excited about all of this. I have written *gasp* a novel.

What does that mean for all of you folks? Well, very little in the scheme of things. What it means to me is that I have done something that I have always wanted to do. And because of that I am very, super proud of myself. I came up with the idea for this project on December 1st, 2011. I started writing on December 2nd after the beekeeper and I hashed out an idea, considered how cool the telling would be, and came up with five other ideas to follow it.

For the record – Joe the Beekeeper is a fucking saint. When I said that someone should write this idea he looked at me and said “why not you, Krys?” He gets many cookies for that.

I finished the project yesterday, January 5th, 2012. The first draft is “complete” at 109,000 words. Approximately.

So, what can I tell you about it now? Well, very little. I don’t want to give it away in the event that I…ahem…try to get it published.

O _ O

Wow, there’s a thought. Published. Me. This girl.

Holy shit.

(Who has two thumbs and just finished her first novel? This girl.)

What I will tell you is this – The story itself is based on a fairy tale. Frankly, it is a retelling of one. It is adult. Because the themes are adult. And, more to the point, because there is actual fucking in it.  And, it’s a standalone, which means it has the words “The End” at the end and I don’t intend on revisiting it.

And there is a lot of me in it. A lot of me. I wrote this book for myself, because it’s what I would like to see being written right now that is not being written.

So, what happens now? Now we edit. And re-edit. And re-edit. I have people reading the draft as we speak. And then re-reading. And criticizing. I have asked the readers to tear me a new one on this project.

I have people reading words that I never thought I would write.

109,000 words… in 34 days. In just under 5 weeks. I wrote the first 50,000 in 19 days. That’s the equivalent to a Nanowrimo challenge in under 3 weeks. My best streak was 10,000 words in one day’s time. I wrote a lot in 34 days. Some of it is even good. I wrote the first 100,000 words in one month’s time. That’s twice the Nanowrimo challenge in one month’s time. That’s not just beating Nanowrimo… that’s bludgeoning it to death with a nail bat. I just did it a month late. Unintentionally.

I did it, world. I did it. In 34 days.

I am so fucking, unbelievable, damn proud of myself.

Go me.

The Neil Gaiman motivational pic designed was designed for me by the illustrious Greg Baldino, who has been kindly filling in for me while I was WRITING and not READING. I will return to my normal life here soon. However, in the most crucial moment of work when I needed it most, Greg was here for me.

Thanks Greg. For everything.

(Follow him on twitter at @gregbaldino.

For now… we bliss out for the next few days. And soon… we attack the damned pile again. With a vengeance. It’s been a month since we have read much at all. We want books in our life again!

Even if it is our own book.

… My own book… That thought makes me incredibly happy. Squee!!!!

– BP

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2012-01-06 06:34:19 Reply

Go, Krys! Proud of you, lady! 🙂


2012-01-06 14:08:27 Reply

Congrats on writing a novel! I hope that you are able to get it published. 😉 also, thank you for giving me the address to your site here when I was in your bookstore buying delirium by Lauren conrad the other night. I will definitely be checking out some of the books you’ve reviewed on here. thanks again!


2012-01-06 14:17:40 Reply

You’re Welcome, Erin. Nice to have met you the other night.

Carmen B.

2012-01-06 21:01:35 Reply

I had that moment during NaNoWriMo, where I went in hoping to manage 30k and came out at the end of November with 66k. I’m still working on it though. I really hope I can write a victorious post like you at the end of the month 🙂
Good luck editing and re-reading and re-editing and re-writing! I hope your book makes it onto the shelves 🙂


2012-01-06 22:47:08 Reply

Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you! 🙂 I hope you get published, and since I’ll be eighteen by the time that happens, I’ll definitely buy it! (I don’t even care what it’s about, I love your blog so much that I would be happy reading it and supporting you. 🙂 Plus, you like to use lots of ellipses… I love ellipses!!)

Rachel Triska

2012-01-08 14:38:39 Reply

Congratulations! That is wonderful news! =-D
Super-speedy writing, too. Isn’t it wonderful when the writers block never even surfaces and the story comes out juuust right? That satisfied feeling- ah, nothing like it. =-D


2012-01-08 16:29:18 Reply

Writers block, with this idea I just had, was completely a myth. I’m not saying I could get that lucky again, ever… especially not now that I just jinxed myself… but, in the case of my first draft it was an all encompassing, powerful jolt of inspiration that fueled the writing process. There was never a moment of “What now?” because everything fell into place. It helped that it’s a retelling, and I already had a skeleton to work with… but my biggest problem was “Ooooh, I have an idea for this scene and I WANT TO WRITE IT RIGHT NOW!!!”