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  • November 21, 2011


Last year I fell in love with Beth Revis’s sensational debut novel Across the Universe. I have been anticipating (albeit dubiously) reading the sequel A Million Suns since a copy showed up a few months back. Sequels have been so bi-polar for me this year. They either turn out to be garbage or ten times better than the original book. I’m thrilled to say that this sequel is one of the stellar ones. Yes, I said it. Yes, I made a bad pun.

Warning: If you have not read Across the Universe this review may be a bit spoilery.

Amy was unplugged from the cryo systems on the starship Godspeed three months ago. Since then, she has been trying to carve out a life among the inhabitants. Amy is different, she looks and acts differently than the others and they fear that about her. Elder has assumed control on the ship since the death of Eldest and he is determined to change things. He has sworn off contaminating the water supply with the Phydus drug, as every Eldest before him has done since the Plague. The people of Godspeed act differently when they are off of the drug. They are able to think for themselves and that is precisely what gets Elder and Amy into trouble. Chaos erupts and before Elder knows it people on the ship start dying off. Again. Amy and Elder must discover the reason behind the murders before a revolt breaks out…and there is only so much time left.

What I loved about Revis’s first book is only amplified here in spades. A Million Suns is a pulse pounding, unsettling and claustrophobic novel of fear, suspicion, and panic. It’s the kind of book that sweeps you up from the word go and never stops your heart from racing. I loved being back with these characters, back in this behemoth of a ship, back in the monstrosity that is the Godspeed. I love how deeply lonely these characters feel drifting in space. I love how infinitely sad this idea is, and how Revis executes every sentence of it. I can’t wait for book three.

5 out of 5 stars.

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