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  • September 30, 2011

Graveminder is Melissa Marr’s first foray into the adult fiction market. I was so excited to read it when I saw the description over a year ago. I adore Marr, her narrative style and dark atmosphere are always up my alley. However, I did not love this book, which is a bloody shame.

In Claysville the dead walk unless they are kept in their graves by the Graveminder. It’s the Graveminder’s job to ensure that the dead stay dead. Maylene Barrow is the current Graveminder and she has just been murdered. Rebekkah is a Barrow by choice but she has made an effort to come back to Claysville very rarely. She returns for the funeral and her past begins to haunt her in more ways than one.

Most of this book reads like Young Adult. I was expecting a more adult tale and this, I’m afraid, is not it. It feels very YA in execution right down to the inordinate amount of sexual tension between the main character and her love interest. I went into this really wanting to be smitten. I wasn’t. The mythos could have been much crisper and, frankly, more dealt with. Unfortunately so much of this book is about the romance, or, more to the point, Rebekkah pushing away the romance. I got over it real quick. It just felt like a disappointing direction for Marr to take.

I really wanted to love this, but alas, I skimmed the last 75 pages. That’s bad. 2 out of 5 stars.

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Mad Scientist

2011-09-30 20:33:16 Reply

Oh no!

Sometimes and author is just not meant to skip into another genre. Perhaps this is the case.

Please do stop by for a crumpet & a spot of tea.

If you enjoy yourself please do leave a comment on some of my reviews.

They are quite lonely 🙁

Mad Scientist @ Steampunkery & Book Reviews


2011-09-30 22:40:21 Reply

Aww darn I bought this a long time ago and haven’t read it yet. I find a lot of YA authors who try to write Adult novels often don’t work out. I may still read it since it’s on my bookshelf but I’ll have had a heads-up I guess. Thanks.

Xpresso Reads


2011-10-04 18:04:33 Reply

I love the cover! It’s so creepy that I might read it just for the cover alone. I’m shallow like that