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  • August 16, 2011

I have a note that came with my ARC of Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. It says “We expect this to be HarperCollins lead Young Adult title this season.” Sounds good, but I’m dubious. Is it really that good?

I loaned it to a good friend of mine who sat me down as she handed it back and looked at me very earnestly in the eye. She said “Will you promise me that you will read this book next?” I did, and I have.

Wow. You are all in for a treat come November. Wow. This. Is. Phenomenal.

Juliette has been locked up for 264 days. She cannot touch anyone for fear of hurting them. The last person she touched died at her hands and now she has a roommate; a man named Adam, who she once knew in her youth;who she was once in love with…

…and she can’t touch him.

There’s more, but it’s spoilerriffic. I won’t ruin it for the lot of you. Rest assured, it develops into Dystopian awesomeness with a nifty science fiction/superhero edge, and a really creepy villain. Like, top-notch creep. Like, haunt your dreams kind of creep. The story itself feels a little X-men, Juliette herself is very Rogue. However, Juliette’s back story is something else entirely. There are moments in her history that are really evocative, sad and sharp. She feels completely alone in a world where no one wants her.

There is something to be said about the power of Mafi’s writing. You will be hearing about this more than anything in the coming months, but her writing is simply stunning. Mafi writes bits of streams of consciousness that are actually (wait for it) streams of consciousness!  How novel. There are moments where being inside of Juliette’s head is written very much how people think; in obsessive repetitive patterns, in tweaks and spurts, in broken fragments and crossed out lines. Simply put, in a realistic, believable way. I read parts of this aloud to my partner and he was just as enamoured as I am. Mafi’s writing is elegant like poetry; engaging and fitting perfectly into a narrative flow. It’s the perfect blend of so many worlds. I really enjoyed it.

5 out of 5 stars. This book has made my top ten of the year.

– BP

* Shatter Me releases November 15th, 2011.

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2011-08-16 03:50:32 Reply

One thing though, I’m not the biggest fan of the cover. However, that is my only complaint about this book. 🙂


2011-08-16 03:57:51 Reply

Just what I wanted to hear. I have a good feeling about this one.
Thanks! Good review!


2011-08-27 05:06:19 Reply

Yay! So glad to hear this… If you recommend it I know it’s worth at least checking out. 🙂

Angie Cham

2016-06-15 16:26:14 Reply

Hi! This is such a long shot but is there any chance you still have the Shatter Me arc? I am looking for an arc with the old shatter me cover to complete my collection. I’m willing to trade any book for it, even multiple books! Please email me if interested, thank you so much for your time! 🙂

Angie Cham

2016-08-28 11:12:42 Reply

Hi! It’s Angie again! I’m sorry to bother you for the second time but I’m actually meeting Tahereh Mafi soon for her release of Furthermore! I’m looking for the Shatter me arc with the white cover to complete my collection. I have Furthermore arcs, an Unravel me arc, Shatter Me arc with the original cover, all the hard covers and paperbacks, as well as several foreign editions of the whole series. She is my favorite author and I am really desperate to have her sign all my arcs and show her my completed collection. But this would require me to find the final arc that’s missing. So I know this is terrible to go onto one of your old blog posts and comment asking for an arc but I have been looking for months! I would trade or buy you multiple books in return as payment? Please consider as I really really really want to have a completed collection of the Shatter Me series when I meet my favorite author. She is my role model, and I adore her writing. I want to make her proud of me after seeing my whole collection and feel so accomplished. Thank you so much in advance for taking to time to read this and my deepest apologies for bothering you!


    2016-08-30 14:58:54 Reply

    I’m sorry, but I got rid of my ARC a few years back. Good luck in finding another one.