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  • August 21, 2011

– UK cover art for Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton –

Ok, it’s been a few months since I initiated the Blood Magic Challenge. I know that some of you out there have expressed interest in reading it. I know that some of you have spoken privately with me about Gratton’s book. Reactions have been what I thought they would be… mixed. So, here we go folks. I am making THIS PAGE the page where you can come and leave comments about this book. Anything and all you can feel free to say it here in the comments, whether you loved it, whether you hated it, whether you think it’s good, but not the best book this year, whether you think I am completely mental for loving it… Whatever, I am open to all commentary. But be respectful of each other, please. I will knock heads if people are being douchey to each other.

If you recall a big reason why I started the Blood Magic Challenge was to build a 12 book reading list for myself from suggestions you folks make for 2012. If you think any Young Adult title that you have read in 2011 is better than Blood Magic, for any reason, suggest it to me. I will be running a poll at the end of the year where you all can vote on the suggestions and that will make up what I read next year. So, start suggesting titles if this is not your favourite book this year (like it is mine). Leave them in the comments, as many as you want. They must be Young Adult, and you must have read it in 2011 for it to count.

So yeah, I’m ready to start talking (and start looking at a list folks)… and, go!

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