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  • June 15, 2011

Matched was one of my favourite books of 2010. Naturally I was uber geeked when I acquired a copy of Crossed, the follow-up sequel. The read this time was a little less smooth than Ally Condie’s first attempt in this series.

In Crossed Cassia and Ky have been separated. Cassia is determined to find Ky and travels into the Outer Provinces in search of him. Spurning her along with little clues the book details their quest to find one another even as the world is falling apart around them. There is an uprising forming in the Provinces and Cassia and Ky find themselves pitted in revolution against the Society.

This book is a little more wild than Matched, less composed… untamed. Cassia and Ky spend a good portion tramping through the outer world, and Condie has the atmosphere down splendidly. But I found myself impatient with this book. There was a really interesting plot point in Crossed that was revealed very early on, and then the build up… and up… and up… and it just kept tormenting me. Like I said, I was impatient. In fact I spent the better part of the first two hundred pages ruing Condie’s name. She set up a particularly good bit of dramatic irony which I wanted to see germinated and it seemed to take an awful long time for it to go anywhere. Maybe that was the point – to tease the readers, but, in all honesty I was frustrated with how long the first part of this book took. And a little confused.

The second part, however, is beautiful. Ky and Cassia switch off as narrators for this one and the latter bit of this book is just gorgeous. It took me a while to get used to Ky’s voice, I kept mistaking him for Cassia, but he goes through a very good character development at the end of the book that just lends credence to his whole character. The scope of emotions with him is brilliant. Cassia is well written too, of course, but Ky is what makes this part of the Matched trilogy so special. Without him going through some of the things he does I would have considered this a hopeless middle book. He makes it worth the read.

4 out of 5 stars.

– BP

*Crossed releases November 1st, 2011.

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2011-06-15 13:58:47 Reply

no way- NO WAY! You got crossed!! I REALLY want to read that! How did you get it??? is there any chance you’ll be giving it away? (its ok if your not, just wondering)


2011-06-18 04:50:01 Reply

Great review. I’m really excited about this book. I must admit, Ky makes the book special. 🙂


2011-07-07 20:58:27 Reply

I’m so jealous! I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! Great review!