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  • June 9, 2011

Well, that was just the palliative I needed after the birthday weekend of hell. Thanks to the fine folks at Penguin for getting this to me at just the right moment. You made my week.So, Bloodlines by Richelle Mead picks up shortly after the events of Last Sacrifice – the final book in the original Vampire Academy series. I say “original” because this is a spin-off series (for those five VA fans online who have not heard yet). Bloodlines follows the misadventures of Sydney Sage and co. as they move house and home to Palm Springs, California. The company includes a motley bunch of folks – Adrian Ivashkov, Jill Dragomir, Eddie Castile, and newcomer (and Alchemist) Keith Darnell. The group is forced to take this action after it becomes obvious that there are people in the Moroi Court who are unhappy with the new Queen – Lissa Dragomir, Jill’s sister. Jill is currently the only legal tie Lissa has to the throne and there are those willing to remove said impediment in order to promote their own political agendas.

Posing as high schoolers Sydney, Jill, and Eddie enroll at Amberwood Prep. The students have a current trend with metallic tattoos, all the rage from a local parlour called Nevermore. Sydney suspects the Alchemist secrets, particularly when it becomes known that certain colours have performance enhancing abilities.. as well as psychotropic qualities. Sydney wants to get to the bottom of this, especially if it means a compromise in the Alchemist’s security.

There’s more, but that is plenty of spoilers already. Here are my thoughts:

Mead has a kind of magical ability to tell a story. It’s obvious in the Vampire Academy (as well as her Dark Swan books) that she loves crafting narratives. It shows; there’s a lot of passion in her work. In Bloodlines Mead seamlessly transitions us from one story to another, almost as if there was not a break at all. I feel as if I just finished a VA book, even though the stories (and tone) are quite different between the two series. For those of you who don’t see that this makes a difference, believe me it does. It’s a rare, creative talent that can write a nearly perfect series and then follow it up with a just as strong offspring.

I was so excited when I learned that Sydney was going to be a strong component in this series. She was one of the characters I wanted to get to know better in the VA series. Sydney, for the record, is the polar opposite of Rose Hathaway, the previous series ballsy heroine. Sydney is rules and logic, whereas Rose is chaos and impulse. But, Sydney makes for just as compelling of a narrator. Sydney has an edge to her that is “scary as hell sometimes”, according to one character. Sydney also maintains an almost fanatical devotion to the precepts of the Alchemists that smacks of zealotry. Her religious qualms have a superstitious tint to them. This is, no doubt, owing to her very strict upbringing of course. Her father, it seems, was not a kind man.

It will be interesting to see how this character develops. Right now she is battling with moral dilemmas that she always thought were wrong. Sydney is completely black and white, no gray-scale what-so-ever. I am intrigued to see what Mead will do over the course of this series to shake her up. I want character developments to the scale of earthquake proportions and volcanic blast magnitudes with Sydney. I expect that Mead, in all of her awesome, should be able to deliver this.

It’s more than great to be back in this world, and back with Adrian and Jill as well. I talked so little about them, but really I am waiting to see what happens with them strategically speaking. For now, 5 out of 5 stars. Brilliant beginning.

…and I desperately want the next book!

– BP

*Bloodlines releases August 23, 2011.

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2011-06-09 22:31:41 Reply

Awesome review! This is the first Bloodlines review I’ve read actually, so I was a bit nervous about it LOL. But I’m very glad you liked it and I can’t wait to read it too! I love Richelle’s writing style, it’s so compelling and passionate indeed!<3


2011-06-09 23:00:38 Reply

SOOO cant wait to get my hands on this book…. bring on august


2011-06-09 23:40:27 Reply

Bring it!

I am most excited to know what this new series will make of Adrian. I feel very sad for him in VA. =( and I hope he gets paired to Sydney. Just for a change~ Moroi and Alchemist pairing is RAWR!

So excited! =)

Girl with a Lightning Scar

2011-06-10 05:51:20 Reply

Omg, so excited. I really want Sydney and Adrian to end up together, I want to see if my theory is correct 😀


2011-06-10 10:33:30 Reply

God i want this book! Thanks for the little plot details)


2011-06-11 18:34:27 Reply

I don’t think Sydney and Adrian are going to end up together Girl with a Lightning Scar didn’t you read Last Sacrifice? But I could be wrong I hope Adrian ends up with someone though the guy just can’t get a break. I also cannot wait for this book I’m to excited for words.
Also go on YouTube and got to 221bakerstreetbum221 and check out my videos (it has nothing to do with VA but maybe if you left comments and ideas i think i could do something) GO VAMPIRE ACADEMY


2011-06-23 01:24:40 Reply

*exhales huge sigh of relief* OK, this is the first review I’ve read and I’m extremely pleased. Can it be August yet?