Review – Anna Dressed in Blood
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  • June 25, 2011

I’m declaring it now – This is one of the best Young Adult books that will be published in 2011. There, I’ve called it, so mote it be. Anna Dressed in Blood was everything I wanted, and more. It’s everything you have been hearing about, and more. Brava, Kendare Blake, brava.

Theseus Cassio Lowood (Cas) has a legacy handed down from his Father…he kills ghosts. When he was a child his father was murdered in Baton Rouge by a ghost who ripped him apart and bit giant chunks out of him. Cas has vowed revenge and has spent the last few years gallivanting about the United States killing ghosts for practice. His newest tip off has taken him to Thunder Bay, Ontario where he’s hunting down the most terrifying and badass ghost of his career – Anna Dressed in Blood.

Rumours precede his meeting with Anna when he arrives in Thunder Bay. She’s spent the last 60 years killing people, after all. So, Cas does some research, makes some allies, and decides how is is going to confront Anna Korlov; a 16 year old girl who was murdered on her way to a school dance, wearing a white dress.

Anna Dressed in Blood is amazing reading. It’s the sort of book that comes along once in a while and lights up the imagination like an atomic bomb. I read it as fast as I could, all shudders and creepies running up and down my spine. I half expected that Anna was standing behind me breathing eddies down my neck while I was reading. She’s magnificently described – all ichor and veins and sensual tendrils of hair. Equally charismatic is our hero Cas, who spends the entirety of the book tilting at windmills like an avenging dragoon. His journey through this is fascinating. And gorey.

I’m all a flutter to see where this goes and what Blake comes up with next. This has easily cemented itself as a favourite of mine for 2011. Ghosts, revenge, and one of the most satisfying love stories I have ever read in YA? Sold. Kendare Blake, you’re autobuy now for me. In one fell swoop.

5 out of 5 stars. If not ten times that.

– BP

* Anna Dressed in Blood releases August 30th, 2011.

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Christina (Christinareadsya)

2011-06-25 05:03:29 Reply

ooh wow! This one has been on my to-read for a while now and I’ve already pre-ordered it. Good to know that my money was well spent ;).

DJ's Life in Fiction

2011-06-26 02:25:02 Reply

I’m not usually one for “horror” or “gore”, but this sounds like a fantastic read. Plus, anything you think is great is sure to be so. Thanks for the review!


2011-06-26 08:42:49 Reply

wow, that’s a pretty strong review. I was interested in this book, but now it has turned into a must read! Thanks for sharing!


2011-07-11 09:07:58 Reply

This book sounds like an episode from the show Supernatural… Heard of it? If it is anything like the series, I’m sure I’ll love the book!