Review – Tempest’s Legacy
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  • January 14, 2011

Well, I’m very happy with the latest release by Nicole Peeler. These books are always a treat, but the third book in the series quite simply blew me away. I think it’s my favourite in the series currently, and the books just keep getting better and better. Shiny.

Tempest’s Legacy picks up shortly after the events of book 2. Jane is training vehemently on her offensive power while staunchly avoiding Ryu, whose relationship has become strained. She’s also developing feelings for her Barghest partner, Anyan, who has been by her side since the beginning. Suddenly news arrives of females being attacked and Jane gets news of the one person she most wants to hear about. Jane leaves Rockabill with co. in tow in order to pursue these rumours and hopefully, at last, find – her absent mother.

Like I said earlier this book simply Rocked. My. World. Great concept. Great execution. I always enjoy following Jane around anyways, but when I go for a while between books (and these are pretty much auto-reads upon release) I love getting back into her head. I adore her voice; the voices of her virtue and her libido as well. She’s always so much fun to read. The fact that the sexual tension is so heightened between Jane and Anyan in this one is sheer delight. I was getting over Ryu, so I’m gunning for Anyan hard. I usually don’t get all swoony and moony over characters, but I really want these two to end up. In fact if Jane can figure out a way to launch herself vagina-first at Anyan I think that could potentially make my life.

Solid 5 out of 5 stars. Actually, scratch that… 6 out of 5 stars. I loved it. Nicole Peeler has not only become my favourite Orbit author, but could also be writing my favourite Urban Fantasy series. Again. I. Love. It.

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