2010 Goalwar – Success!!!
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  • December 31, 2010


So, I am always impressed when people post pictures with gallon bottles representing the amount of weight they have lost off of their bodies. This is my illustrative equivalent to show the books I have read this year. With one guest Obicat, because the little scamp always has to butt in on my picture-taking. ‘Tis true.

Let’s review. At the beginning of the year I was not doing THIS blog, but this one. I made the goal at the beginning of January 2010 to read 100 books by the end of the year. This seemed reasonable, but insane in tandem. Who would (could, should) read that many books a year?

In September I hit goal. By Halloween it was becoming laughable. By Christmas I was astounded. I read 152 books in total. I read 152 books. I. Read. 152. Gods. Damned. Books… in a year. In 365 days. In as many hours.

Holy. Shite.

Now, many of you know my limit for a book to get my attention is 75 pages. The rest of you know it’s even less if I’m very impatient/covered-in-hate over the book. I guess the question is did I actually finish all 152 books. No. No I did not. I started 152 books. I finished 114 . I abandoned 38. But, to be fair, many of those 38 books are half read. I’ve finally learned that I DO NOT have to finish a book just because I started it. There’s no point. If I am hating a book that much, there’s got to be a damned good reason as to why.

To further grind this point let us go by page count. In told, I actually read 44,855 pages (estimated based on notes kept) of a total page count of 53,052 pages (count accumulated from all of the books). That’s an average of 123 pages a day (I always shot for 125, so that makes sense). To have finished every book it would have taken 145 pages a day to stay on target (I’m upping the number to 150 pages a day in 2011). That’s a book every 2 1/2 days, for the record.

I’m a nerd. I figured out the math. I hate math, but I love averages. Averages serve me well.

That’s also an average of 350 pages per book. Medium length, that’s what I was going for.

So, what’s next? Well, I’m taking tonight (and tomorrow) off to ring in the new year and then, January 1st, I start a new goal, which I will illuminate then. Be patient, loves. My ego demands that you all care about this, but my jaded realism knows that I am only jerking my own knob.

By the by, at one point the boytoy and I started referring to the 2010 Goalwar as “The Glorified Elitist Wank”. Henceforth, that’s what it will be known as. If I can inspire you all to become bigger (and better) bookgeeks, than all the ribbing in the world is entirely worth it. Truly.

Off I go… TO NOT READ! Um… squee?

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