Review – Wake Unto Me
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  • September 22, 2010

I started Lisa Cach’s Wake Unto Me yesterday morning and I just finished it up. It was okay. The book started out with such promise but fell kinda flat two-thirds through.

Caitlyn has always felt out-of-place in Oregon. She studies the past, art and history, like some girls study fashion magazines and pop culture. A good evening to her is reading a book of fine art while listening to Chopin. When she gets an opportunity to study at a prestigious boarding school in France she jumps on it, forsaking America and everything she knows for castles, and fine food, and a chance to immerse herself in culture.

At first the book is a Gothic ghost haunt. Caitlyn sees visions of the past, of the Medici family and Europe of the past. But the book devolves to a Templar treasure hunting story and with it went my attention span. I don’t do Knights Templar very well, I’m afraid. Parts of the mythos intrigues me, but overall the bits of knights in the service of God… yeah, my attention veered to say the least. I wanted more of Catherine de Medici and Rafael and the hauntings, and my interested was ill rewarded. Just like that. My interest quite literally deflated in the final 100 pages. I skimmed the latter part of the book.

While not for me, this may interest people for the Gothic quality of the story. And the characters in the school are all intriguing, though a bit flat dimensioned.

3 out of 5 stars. I wish I didn’t have to resort to skimming the end.

– BP

* Wake Unto Me releases March 31st , 2011.

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