Review – Ironside
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  • July 12, 2010

I adore Holly Black. That said, I think I ran out of steam for the Modern Faerie Tales when I abandoned Valiant last week. As much as I wanted to read (and love) Ironside I think that this series will have to be picked up and finished later.

The story returns to Kaye and Roiben. Roiben has become the King of the Unseelie court. Kaye feels unsettled in her new pixie skin and declares her love for him one night after having a heady amount of faerie wine. With the declaration comes an impossible quest. Kaye must find a faerie capable of telling an untruth. She cannot see Roiben until she completes the quest.

Like I said, I wanted to love it, but I am just not in the head space for it right now. At some point I plan to reread Tithe and Ironside one after the other. For now, on to something else.

I’m giving this a tentative 3 of 5 stars, even though I didn’t finish it yet. I’m sure I’ll love it once I’m better suited for it.


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