Rothpunkk2 – A Carve the Mark Giveaway
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  • November 23, 2016


Yes… quiver in delight, gentle readers. Guess what I am giving away?

Up for grabs is one Advanced Reader Copy of Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth.  I read it already and it’s very good…and you want it, I know you do.


So, we are going to do a giveaway in the style of many of the contests here on Bibliopunkk. And, of course, we are playing the guessing game. For those of you who have not ever entered a giveaway here it’s simple. I am thinking of a number between 1 and 10,000. Leave your numerical guess in the comments with an email so I can contact the winner later (the email is necessary to enter, folks).

Now, here’s the twist. I want to give you folks as many chances to win as possible, so I am upping the odds a little. I want you to pass on the word that I am giving this amazing book away. So, for every social media site update, tweet, goodreads blurb, blog mention, tumblr, live journal post (etc. etc.) that you spread online you get an additional chance to guess at another number. You get one free chance to enter, then you must work for the next chance. All I ask is that wherever you mention the contest you return and give me the link in the comments. You give a link, you get another guess. You give 20 links, you get 20 more guesses, and so forth and so on. Keep doing it the next few weeks, you keep getting chances. It’s that simple.

But first, here are a few things to note:

This is an advanced reader copy given to me by the publisher. It is an unneeded duplicate.

Should two people guess the same winning number I will only award the set of ARCs to the first person who guessed it right in the comments. So choose wisely.

I will close this contest at midnight on December 15, 2016. Any entries after that will be void.

This contest is International.

Also, there is a secret word that must be posted within the outer contest posts (because I love secret/not-so-secret words). The secret word is:


So post and post and repost. You can retweet the devil out of it for all I care, just post! There are 10,000 opportunities to do so, after all!

Thanks again for reading (and entering). And don’t forget to watch in the future for more giveaways (I have lots of books to giveaway).

Right all, without any further adieu…Rothpunkk2 launch!

– BP

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2016-11-23 11:40:13 Reply

Oh my gosh this is hard 3,349


2016-11-23 11:45:11 Reply

Angie Cham

2016-11-23 11:47:36 Reply

My guess is 3865!

Ramsha R

2016-11-24 01:05:33 Reply



2016-11-24 11:46:19 Reply

2345 🙂

Carina Olsen

2016-11-24 13:02:33 Reply

Eee 😀 As always, you are the sweetest person. <3 Thank you so, so much for the chance. Crossing all my fingers 😀 I would love to win the very most. Eee. My guess is: 791

Ray Q

2016-11-24 17:10:04 Reply

My guess is 6547, thanks for the chance!

Ray Q

2016-11-24 17:36:59 Reply

Mary Preston

2016-11-25 18:34:37 Reply



La La in the Library

2016-11-26 22:57:21 Reply

My guess is 114 and my email is ts(dot)teabox(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks for the fab giveaway!

Emily L

2016-11-28 00:51:06 Reply

Moirae the fates

2016-11-28 15:26:37 Reply

My guess is 770

moiraethefates ATgmail


2016-11-29 17:59:04 Reply

1313 🙂


2016-11-29 21:25:34 Reply

Oh, this sounds like fun! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway. Me and my sister can’t wait to read this book! Hopefully it’s as good as divergent! 😛

First guess: 4444
Second guess: 7869
Third guess: 1350


2016-12-02 12:14:23 Reply

4, 498

La La in the Library

2016-12-03 04:00:17 Reply

I posted on my FB giveaway page:


My email ts.teabox(at)gmail(dot)com

La La in the Library

2016-12-05 02:48:23 Reply

I tweeted!


My email is ts(dot)teabox(at)gmail(dot)com


2016-12-05 15:23:46 Reply

My guess is 3,333

Megan S.

2016-12-08 07:06:32 Reply

My first guess is 3548. Tweet –


2016-12-11 16:07:46 Reply

Me and my sister posted once more on twitter! And our guess is 9070!! 😀

Also, Emily, I love your enthusiasm for this giveaway and I’m glad you’re posting lots, but the fact that you’re also guessing the numbers right before and right after other people’s so they can’t win isn’t very nice?) I guessed 4444 so you guessed 4443 and 4445. I guessed 7869 so you guessed 7868 and 7870. I guessed 1350 so you guessed 1349 and 1351. You’ve done it to almost everyone else whose entered too. It’s a fair strategy, yes, but kind of rude to the rest of us and in no way a coincidence. 🙁 (I don’t mean to cause drama, and I understand if this disqualifies me.) I was just wondering if you could refrain from doing that, though, at least sometimes? It’s not a rule, true, but it would be kind! 🙂