Health Update: A New Ailment
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  • May 9, 2016


Everyone, I have some life-changing news to share in regards to my health. I will try to be brief, as the news itself is pretty grim.

It has come to my attention in the last few months that I have become host to a foreign parasite. This Xenomorph has taken over my reproductive system for the duration of its gestation period and I can do nothing to eradicate its occupation. It will grow inside of me as long as I continue to feed myself. In a few months’ time, said parasite will reach its appropriate size and developmental stage to survive outside of me, its host. The occupying Xenomorph will emerge from my body, erupting from my stomach or my loins with the guided assistance of a medical team of experts. I am told that this evacuation will cause me to suffer a great deal of pain. Upon expulsion, we must rear the youngling until it is considered sufficiently independent of will and spirit before we can send it into the world to fend for itself. There is nothing that I can do now to otherwise alter this course of actions.

Until then, I am parasitized. The doctors have given me the promise that I should be fine, provided that there is no dire emergency during the extraction of the young dependent, nor any complications in the final stages of its development. The doctors estimate that I should be delivered of this currently non-gendered Xenomorph around the end of October.

Wish me luck in the remaining months of hosting this creature inside me. I’m going to need it.

Prince Bowie 1

– Xenomorph, gestational age 14 weeks –


– BP

– Follow the Reader –






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sarabara081 @ Forever 17 Books

2016-05-09 16:08:39 Reply

This announcement is great! lol Congrats!

Elizabeth F

2016-05-09 16:37:20 Reply

That was my guess awhile ago. Enjoy it. And said infestation tends to repeat itself at regular and or irregular intervals.


    2016-05-10 17:08:20 Reply

    I really did have pneumonia though, which made morning sickness AWFUL.


2016-05-10 11:04:22 Reply

Haha! That was great! congrats! 😀


2016-08-30 00:17:33 Reply