The Perks of Being a Bookseller: Part 84
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  • January 22, 2016

Otherwise known as: The Special Cassandra Clare edition.








(I swear I started this post once before, but then this awesome thing came, so I guess I can start over.)

As you can see, I received a fancy-schmancy advanced reader copy of Lady Midnight, the upcoming new release by Cassandra Clare and the first of a new series, The Dark Artifices.

It also means that I have to play catch up, as I have been resisting and not keeping up in the series. I am still ambivalent about the announcement of several more Shadowhunters trilogies and not a new series. I fear that Clare will not be different enough with her plotting and characterization for my taste. That said, I was beyond excited to get this ARC. I did not think that Simon and Schuster was making them and I am forsaking everything else for it. Cassandra Clare clearly still fascinates me.

If Mercedes Lackey can write several trilogies in the Valdemar world, I guess Cassandra Clare can do the same thing. I just hope that they are not complete retreads. That is all I ask.

Lady Midnight is the book that I hope will suck me back into the series. But first, I have to finish the trilogies before it, hence Clockwork Princess and City of Heavenly Fire…and The Magnus Bane Chronicles, though I might do those after Lady Midnight. Because I can.

Please do not post any spoilers here, gentle readers. I’ve managed to avoid them for several years. Please…no spoilers!


In addition to the Clare book, I received these fine beauties to add to the stash


(Last few weeks’ haul.)


(My most looking-forward to pile.)


(Sway is a library borrow.)

I did start The Crown’s Game and was massively underwhelmed. I actually stopped reading it, which I am bummed about. I’m chalking it up to style opposition. I was coming out of editing and she was doing everything I am trying not to do, so I’m hoping it might be better another time. Maybe I’ll try it again later this year. It just seemed disappointing, though, considering how much I wanted it and was looking forward to it. Bummer.

Other than that, I got nothing. I guess it’s going to be a brief update then. What are you reading right now? What are you looking forward to reading?

Also, I’m thinking of giving away Lady Midnight when I am done. Would that appeal to anyone? I imagine it might. Keep watching for that giveaway.

Happy reading, all!

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