Review – The Sandman Volume Four: Seasons of Mists
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The world of Dream has been shaken up. In this volume, Gaiman pens a single journey of several characters traveling into hell with contributing artists Mike Dringenberg, Kelley Jones, Malcolm Jones III, Matt Wagner, Dick Girodano, George Pratt, and P. Craig Russell. The road is arduous and not for the faint of heart.

The stories within are:

Prologue (Dringenberg and Jones) – Destiny of the Endless calls a family meeting with his siblings. Death, Dream, Despair, Desire, and Delirium gather in Destiny’s home to catch up. While at the meeting, Dream realizes that he has made a terrible mistake and decides to make amends.

Chapter One (Jones and Jones) Dream plans a journey into Hell to rescue Nada, the tribal woman whom he once loved. While preparing for his quest, Lyta from volume two returns with her son, Daniel.

Chapter Two (Jones and Jones) – Dream travels to hell where he eventually encounters Lucifer, the King of Hell who has recently renounced his throne. Dream severs Lucifer’s wings from his body.

Chapter Three (Jones and Russell) – It begins in Asgard where Loki is being tortured with a bowl of snake poison. Cain and Abel make appearances, as does Thor. Meanwhile, two angels, Remiel and Duma, fall from a silver city as demons gather to forge a new hell.

Chapter Four (Wagner and Jones) – 13-year-old Charles Rowland enters in a school of dead people. He endures bullying at the hands of the headmaster and the students.

Chapter Five (Jones and Pratt) Within the Dreaming, Dream is holding a feast. Cluracan of the faeries arrives with his sister, Nuala. Lady Bast, Thor, Loki, Susano-O-No-Mikoto, and many other Gods, are present for the revelries. Azazel makes an appearance and Dream speaks with him about Nada, his former lover.

Chapter Six (Jones and Giordano) – The Dreaming party continues. Remiel and Duma show up. Dream gives Duma a key and then battles with Azazel to rescue Nada. He sends Matthew, his servant raven, to Nada with a message.

Epilogue (Drigenberg and Pratt) – Dream meets with Nada in the guise of Kai’Chul, her tribe’s dream lord. She is angry for him banishing her to hell for centuries. He uses his magic so that she is reborn in Hong Kong, hoping that this gesture will erase any ill will.

I am now invested for the long haul, that much is crystal clear. I can’t seem to focus on anything else but these books just now. This story encompasses several characters that I now adore, and introduces some that I feel an immediate kinship to.


For example, The Endless.

Dream’s motley crew family is everything that we want dysfunction to be. There is a perfect blend of heroics and villainy in every one of them. I particularly loved the beginning of this volume and dearly hope to get more of this in the future. Delirium is my new favourite below Death, who is ever the big sister to Dream.


We also saw this surprise twist, which made things a lot more complicated for Dream. It made for a less easy/cut-and-dry quest, that’s for sure.

I feel like I can never do much more than a simple recap. That said, too much more gets into spoilers, and we never want that.

For this volume in my continued first-read of The Sandman, 5 out of 5 stars. It’s getting really good now.

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