Review – A Thousand Pieces of You
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  • May 17, 2015

a thousand pieces of you

I was not sure how to feel about Claudia Gray before reading this book. Years ago, when it was fresh and new, I picked up Evernight to mixed feelings. The parts that I liked about it were likely incidental, as I was going through an extreme paranormal devotion at the time. Overall though, I was not blown away and never picked up the subsequent books, or any of her others.

Last year I downloaded this from Edelweiss thinking it might be more my speed. I did not read it when it was on my iPad thanks to an extreme, overwhelming, and lengthy bout of anemia. But this book has been gaining some ground in the Young Adult world and those kind of buzz books always capture my attention. For a book to be loved six months post-release…well, there has to be something to it. A trip to the library and a week later and I am ardently, wholeheartedly in love with this book. It’s so much better than I hoped it would be.

Marguerite Caine is the daughter of two revered scientists; a physicist and oceanographer/mathematician/physicist. Between the two, they have cracked the formula to allow for multi-dimensional travel, and have built devices to allow for such travel – the Firebirds. The Firebirds are small machines that can be worn around one’s neck like a locket. They are intricate and extremely valuable, and one has just been stolen.

Following the death of Dr. Henry Caine, Marguerite’s father, Marguerite vows to track down his murderer, Paul Markov, a Russian grad student under the advisory of her parents. While preparing to hunt him down she is joined by Theo, another of her parents’ grad students, who vows to travel the multiverse with her. She can only jump into her own body in each world and there are many that she doesn’t exist in, or that they all do not exist in. Things get real fast when everything doesn’t go according to Marguerite’s plan. There are different things to consider in each dimension, different factors that come into play, and different people within the people that she already knows and loves.  Who exactly can Marguerite trust when nobody is who they seem?

This book is a fast-paced thrill ride from the word go. It’s a romantic science fiction romp that keeps the reader guessing with every new development. I had no idea what to expect and, as a result, none of the twists felt forced or predictable to me. I had no idea going into this book that I would grow to love it so very much.

Marguerite is fiery and passionate, an artist with the heart of a valkyrie. She launches into this quest with resolve and conviction. Over the book, those convictions are tested in every way possible but the journey throughout this madness is the stuff of narrative heaven. Her love interest is an interesting twist, one that I did not see coming. One that I surely won’t forget any time soon.

There’s a wonderful whiff of possibilities with this idea, a potential structural cacophony and yet the story interweaves so well with the characters. One minute you are in present day London with all its futuristic hints, the next you are in a dimension that resembles turn of the century Russia having dinner with the Tsar. In this framework anything is possible, and that’s the biggest breath of magic as a reader – possibility. This book, this series, is nothing but.

Stunning, fun, action intense, and wonderful, A Thousand Pieces of You has earned a place in my permanent library. I can’t wait to read the sequel!

5 out of 5 stars.

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2015-05-20 13:55:43 Reply

My daughter agrees this is a good book, and she said it is a very nice cover too. Cover art is
important to her. We’re also fans of FRINGE and like the idea of multiverses.


    2015-05-25 10:17:46 Reply

    I usually don’t like parallel dimensions or multiverse plot lines but these books I dig. I’m halfway through the second one and, while the beginning was clunkier, I am also liking it a lot.