The Perks of Being a Bookseller: Part 75
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  • April 1, 2015

Hello all from this part of the Book World. How is everyone doing?

Behold, the spoils of war.

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I am working through The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M. Harris as we speak. I’m also (finally) back in to Jinn and Juice by Nicole Peeler. I put it down several weeks ago and finally picked it up yesterday (and read 200 pages). I’ll probably finish that today.  I have to finish three new releases for May 3rd and then I can go nuts on my excited pile. I have quite a few things that I am excited about, so this should be interesting.

I need to get better about reading Middle Grade. And actual Science Fiction (as opposed to fantasy, which I have mostly concentrated on). These areas are lacking in my handsell roster for work and I need to be better about both of them, so don’t be surprised when those start coming through. I was very bummed to realize that in the scant time that I was between jobs that several of my fall-back handsells are now out of print, specifically all of my awesome boy-friendly books. Bollocks! Now I have to redraw the map again. Any suggestions for good Middle Grade boy books, folks? I am notoriously hard to please with that age bracket.

The Gospel of Loki is really doing a lot for me right now. It’s funny and charming and has a lot of dick jokes in it. I will likely finish that today (or tomorrow) as well. It’s ever so easy to imagine Tom Hiddleston in the narrative, red-haired and all.

single loki

I have so many books that I want to read next. I have The Curious Tale of the In-Between by Lauren DeStefano. I now have The White Rose by Amy Ewing. I have a ton of older ARCs and releases to catch up on. I have writing research to do…it never ends. I have whole trilogies that I am deficient in that I own ARCs of and still have not gotten to yet, plus I need to catch up on existing series that I actually give a damn about. There’s so much to do. I need immortality and time stoppage and no need for sleep and the ability to speed-read and remember with a high memory and MAYBE I’ll be okay. Where, oh where, are all these things when I need them?

One of the nice things about working where I do is that I get to give a lot of input on the books that should be in stock. They had someone who read YA before me, but not Sci-fi and Fantasy. I am able to tailor it to my handselling needs. This is a double-edged sword, as I can add whatever I think they need and that I know I can sell. The problem is that I am deficient in so many series (for the moment) that I don’t want to add things until I know they are good. This allows me freedom to go back and read older things that I have missed…but I still need the time to do this. Maybe I need to focus on these books all summer, make a pile, give myself a hard Do-Not-Pass line for the books that don’t make the cut (harder than my 75 page limit) and just burn through as many as possible. I am trying, but I am just one voice. I need Krys duplicates and I need them all piped into my brain hive-mind style, like the Borg. (My husband and I have been watching a lot of Star Trek lately as well.)

I suppose I can stop watching TV. But…well, then I spend no time hanging with the Beekeeper (Spiderman). That has to happen too. I realistically can’t spend more than six hours reading a day, anyways. I just wish my attention was better this year. Getting there again, ever so slowly.

And, in better news, I bought paint today! All the painting. All the art-ing.  I’m finding my roots again, folks. Slowly but surely.

I think that’s all. What are you folks reading these days? What do you recommend for me for my catch-up project? Are there any series in the last few years that you are excited about? Maybe I need to revisit the old idea of voting for books that I read?

Have a good day, all! Happy reading.

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