The Secret Project Revealed: Part 4
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  • March 13, 2015



Once again…Awwww…Mauling. Sadface.

All, it has happened. I have written another “secret” writing project.

Well, the term “secret” is getting less and less wonderful with every year…and by that I mean “surprising” (as opposed to wonderful). The fact that I have now written a full project from start to finish four years in a row…well, suffice it to say, I’m just thrilled and awed and chuffed and all of the things. 

Once again, it’s a fairy tale theme. That seems to be * THE THING * until I can wrap my head around an original idea. I do have a couple; one is a dark fantasy YA project that will require everything in me to not only complete but begin. It’s a project that excites and frightens me and I hope I am good enough to do it. Until then, fairy tales are king and queen in my world.

I’m exhausted. This project ran far longer than it should. I started in early December 2014 and I finished it the other day. I moved mid-project and that threw me off a bit… but I did it! And I am so proud of myself.

Boring stats, for those interested in those sort of things.

Word count – 124,259
Total hours – Unrecorded this year (1,000 words per hour on average).
Total days worked on the first draft = 49 days. (20 days longer than last year)
Average word count per day that I wrote = 2,536 words.

I did it, this of all years. It can happen. I have done it four times now.

Just think about that.

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2015-03-13 19:21:39 Reply

Good for you! I know the last year wasn’t easy, but I’m glad you decided to keep writing.


    2015-03-14 10:49:38 Reply

    I am glad too. I don’t have any expectations of publishing, but I am going to try someday. And I LOVE what I have been writing, so to consistently write four books that might “just be for me” is everything.