The Perks of Being a Bookseller: Part 70
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  • December 8, 2014

Hello all.

I have an announcement hat I have been putting off. I am currently in the midst of house moving preparations.



– The beginning stages of moving 1,800 books after editing down 500+ of them. –


– Bare shelves in my house…It’s like sighting a dodo bird in the 21st century. Non-existent. –


– Those are going to be fun to take down with all those books before it. Sigh. –


– The first 20 boxes of books (prolly 45% of my total library). –


– The previous spot where “all the excess ARCs lived. Believe me, gentle readers…this is improvement. –

So, yeah. That.

My husband the professional (MASTER’S DEGREE ACCREDITED!!!) Entomologist has accepted a position with a bio-pest control company one hour+ west of here. So, of course, we are moving. Henceforth, my husband, the erstwhile Beekeeper, will be known as Spiderman…because he is now working with spider toxins. Which is so rock and roll, I can’t even.

Actually, he will be raising insects to then kill them with the spider toxins, but I digress.

So, long story short, I am no longer a bookseller. But I might become one again at some point. We’ll see.

That maaaaay mean that THIS is my last perks post. Unless I change the title of this feature. T’is a thought.

But, I did receive books in the last week. And here they are.


– Harpercollins Summer 2015 –





I am not sure if this influx will calm down now that I don’t work in bookselling. But, that said, a handful of my pub reps still want to work with me through the blog. So, there’s that. I’m also going to look into the libraries where I am bound, see if maybe I can’t get an entry-level position in one of them (a girl can dream, right?).  I’ll have to dust off the old resume that I haven’t had need of for the past decade.

 I have been cleaning and packing and fielding moving drama while my husband finishes formatting his thesis. So, a lot of it is falling upon me. Which, needless to say, is awesome on so many levels * sarcasm *.

We are getting there. Slowly. But surely winning the race.

The other project I immersed in right now is my yearly writing project. It’s breaking my heart that I cannot devote myself to it entirely. It hasn’t really gripped me because I have such a full plate right now and I am having a hard time not focusing on the other things that HAVE to be done. Typically speaking my average word count a day is about 3,500 words. I’ve been doing, maybe, 1,300 a day on this project. Which is only changed because of the move, but it’s still breaking my heart. And, yes… yes… I know that 1,300 words a day is still impressive, but it hurts that I am not keeping up to my normal yearly standards.

This year, though… this year is different on multiple levels. And I must accept that. Big changes, and all.

So, new things all about. I am excited to be in a new place in just about a month’s time (yipes!!!). New place, new life, and new possibilities. Color me enthusiastic.

I think that’s it, folks. What are you reading right now? And what are you most looking forward to?

And I’m out.

– BP

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Lis @ The reader lines

2014-12-08 22:40:57 Reply

All those books!!! *sighs*
Good luck in your new house and your writing project!
And… happy reading!


2014-12-17 16:21:26 Reply

Good luck on your future endeavors. We will miss your recommendations in the bookstore and on this blog!