2015 Goalwar: A New Order
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  • December 31, 2014

2015 is going to mark a serious year of change for me. Since I am moving early in January I am anticipating a year of adjustment, growth, and new possibilities. I’m also expecting a year of very different reading habits since I will be in a new environment and have a new job. To that end, I am making a very different book resolution this year. And it is a very simple one.

Read whatever the hell you want, Krys. 

Stop focusing on things that you don’t want to read. Stop worrying about release dates and page counts and progress reports and what has been sitting around forever versus what has not been. Stop obsessing and worrying and fretting and bemoaning. It gets nothing done and just stresses you out. Stop. And just read.

Read old books, read new books. Read familiar books, read strange books, read silly books, read serious books. Read books on the shelves that have been here forever, read books that you moved and promised you wouldn’t forget about, read books from the library and books that you downloaded. Read short stories, read long stories. Read borrowed books, read found books, read review books, read abandoned books. Read as fast as you want, read as slow as you want.

Just read whatever it is that you want to read.

It doesn’t seem like it should be this hard. But it is. For years I read things that were within the scope of my old job, things that I could review or felt the need to cover so that I could handsell them to people. I found a lot of authors that I love that way, and a lot of genres that I thought I wouldn’t love (but do). So, it was a good thing. However, it was also a stressful thing, so I am doing away with the list this year, abandoning the resolutions and going into my reading list with gusto. I tend to be a mood reader anyways but having so many reading commitments outside of my own desires has limited me. This year I am breaking the vicious cycle and I am reading completely on feel. It’s intriguing and scares the hell out of me and I can’t think of a better way to go into this year of all years.

And I am all sorts of excited.

Just read, Krys. Anything. It’s okay. Just read.

So, readers and bookgeeks, what are you doing with your 2015? Are you as excited as I am about it?

Happy New Year, all!

– BP

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2014-12-31 23:13:37 Reply

Happy New Year!

Heather Rosdol

2015-01-01 00:30:57 Reply

Hey- Great idea! Isn’t life too short to read because you have to? There are so many great books out there to force yourself to read a book you don’t want to read just because you said you would. Giving yourself permission to read whatever you want makes reading such a joy. Enjoy your reading this year!

Buried in Books


2015-01-01 17:50:53 Reply

Hallelujah!! I think this is a fabulous plan. And I think I’m going to join you in this.
I’m going to read what I want, even if it’s To Kill a Mockingbird again. Because I want to.

Happy New Year!