The Perks of Being a Bookseller: Part 69
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  • November 17, 2014

I swear that I’m not dead. I’m really alive, I am.

And I have been getting books. And books. And more books…

Here they are:





court of thorns

*I also got a copy of A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, which I did not take a picture of before I loaned it to a friend. And yesterday I received a second copy of Magonia. Sigh. 

The stress of the last few months has become a burden. I am still struggling with the occasional symptoms with my health. The poor focus/sudden exhaustion/etc. has only been amplified by work/outside stress and living situation. My husband is in the final month (gyah!) of grad school and has been writing his thesis like a fiend. This has changed our living/domestic life. A lot. And, with that, my time has become… well, not my own. I’ve given it up to the grad school Gods to keep the household running. So, there’s that.

There’s also the fact that I went in for appointments with my doctor, oh… two months ago. He sent me to a specialist, who set up tests… that my insurance is now fighting to NOT have to pay for (apparently, I am “too young” to have these problems. Sheesh.), and the longer it takes the longer these problems persist. So, maybe by… oh, New Year I will have an idea that the initial diagnoses that was made in September (grrr) was accurate.

Or I’ll have to go in and have all new testing for an all new potential problems and start it all… over… again.


So, that’s my excuse. With everything going on my everything has been eaten and that’s problematic for more reasons than one. But, I have FINALLY started reading a book this week, which is… like… everything. I haven’t had a book stick since the summer, so I’m happy to be reading anything. To that end, I downloaded Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven from Edelweiss and, unexpectedly, I’m totally enjoying it. I expected to hate it because it’s supposed to be a Twilight/50 Shades mash-up, but I started reading it the other night and both last night and the night before I stayed up reading it far too long. So, there’s something to it that is working right now.

Maybe I should remember in the future that reading New Adult is at least reading something. I tend to feel completely off when I don’t have something productive going on. And being constructive and productive is at least getting something accomplished. New Adult is a good go-to when my brain (and life) is mush and chaos. I need lighter plot-driven fare that is more likely to suck me in, and that genre works for me on some level. So, there’s that.

I’m totally charmed by the book. Theatre geeks and bad romantic tensions… Oi. Give me more! And the romantic interest is totally bad for her, but in the “he’s got a secretive, sensitive dark side” that my 15-year-old self (and 29, if I’m honest) would have completely fallen for. So, I’m smitten, and I hope it stays as good as it is now.

I’ve actually switched to a lot of television/movie watching, which is really odd for me. My husband keeps reminding me that visual storytelling is still storytelling after all. I’m glad he understands. I got sucked into Orphan Black. Yeah, it’s happened, and I can’t stop watching it. I’m also playing Final Fantasy:Lightning Returns (badly) because I’ve had a lot of couch-bound days and nights after work where that’s all I have in me to do. And lots and lots of naps. Because, reasons.

I’m also gearing up to do my December writing project, so I’ve been plotting and researching like a madwoman. Long story short, I’ve been reading a lot. It’s just Wikipedia articles and obscure 18th century history blogs. And I have been collecting the Random House Pantheon Folk and Fairy tale books like they are out-of-print (which many of them are). So, again… there’s that.

And, I think that is all. What have you been reading/doing? What are you looking forward to reading?

I’ll be around still. I promise.

– BP

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2014-11-17 10:44:25 Reply

I hope your health gets better. I’ve actually been in the “you’re too young to have these problems” boat before. It took longer than it should have to diagnose me with my disease because my doctor kept dismissing it. I ended up changing doctors multiple times. Sometimes I wanted to yell at them, I wish I was too young to have these problems too. good luck with insurance I feel like they can’t deny it. Hopefully you win the fight with them.

Skye @ Skye's Scribblings

2014-11-17 13:10:25 Reply

There you are! I’ve been wondering about you. As a sickly gal with a mysterious illness myself I know just what you’re going through, although I don’t make enough to have the stressful kind of health insurance so it’s less tests and more just living with with my illness for me right now. XP Good luck, I hope things get sorted soon so you start mending!

So many good books in your latest stacks! I’m especially excited for Razorhurst and Geek Girl, and I loved Death Sworn so I cannot wait to read the duo sequel, Death Marked! Seeing your copies of Firefight reminds me I need to make time for Steelheart soon, I’ve heard it’s AMAZING.

I’m currently reading Gail Carriger’s 3rd Finishing School book, Waistcoats & Weaponry, and loving it as I do all her books! And next is a reread of Pawn by Aimee Carter followed by the 2nd book, Captive. Catching up on some great series this winter.

Take care and I’ll be praying for you. <3


2014-11-17 21:18:48 Reply

Wow! That sounds really bad… I really hope you feel better! Glad you’re still up and running though.
Yes!! Orphan Black is amazing! I hope you’re loving it too. 🙂
I’m currently reading Ruin and Rising at the moment and I plan to read A Thousand Pieces of You (the cover is AMAZING).