Heir of Fire Giveaway
  • Posted:
  • August 19, 2014


Hello all. Welcome to my blog.

I have a single copy of Heir of Fire to give away. This is the third in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. I know that many of you would love the opportunity to read it before it releases. So, that said, who wants it? Let’s do this. 

I am thinking of a number between 1 and 10,000. If you would like to enter please leave your numerical guess in the comments below. Please leave an email address as well so that I may later contact the winner. 

However, there is more. I am opening this contest up for multiple chances to win. Your first guess is free, your next several guesses must be earned. To enter this contest multiple times you must choose one of these four steps.

Step 1. Subscribe to the blog via email, found at the top left area of my home page under the Bibliopunkk logo.

Step 2. Follow via Bloglovin.

Step 3. Follow via Facebook.

Step 4. Follow via Twitter.

Once you have chosen your means of following you have unlocked the next step. Now you may enter as many times as you wish.

However, there is another catch. Now you must spread the word in order to continue to enter repeatedly. For each Facebook mention, Tweet, Tumblr post, Blog post, etc. you earn another chance to enter. If you tweet 100 times you get that many entries and may come back to use your next entry. It’s that simple. The more you post the more you even your odds of guessing the correct answer. However, you must show me that you have posted elsewhere in order for your entry to count. If you post somewhere and would like to enter again simply copy/paste the outside link in the comments below with your next numerical guess. It’s that easy.

This is an advanced reader copy provided to me via the publisher. It is a paperback.

Should two entrants guess the same correct number I will only award the book to the first person who guessed the answer correctly in the comments, so choose wisely.

I will end this contest on August 26, 2014. The book officially release September 2, 2014. This is a one week contest.

This contest is International.

So post and post and repost. You can enter this contest as much as you want. There are 10,000 guesses, after all.

Good luck!

Spread the word, pass it on, and pay it forward.

– BP

– Follow the Reader –






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2014-08-19 00:06:12 Reply

Free Guess: 5726
Email (geekdreams13[at]gmail[dot]com): 13
Bloglovin (Xiaoke Ying): 865
Twitter (@yxiaoke): 9

Thanks for the giveaway!

Jill Marie

2014-08-19 00:44:41 Reply

Okay so I hope I am understanding this correctly…
Free Entry: 43
I follow via Email: 4343
I follow via Bloglovin (Jill Marie/littlehyuts): 6213
I follow via Twitter (@littlehyuts): 8768

little hyuts at gmail dot com

Also I tweeted: https://twitter.com/LittleHyuts/status/501587037841932288 (7390)
Also shared on Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+JillMarie/posts/TrMPLPgiSRz (9555)

Thanks for the awesome giveaway Krys! Really hope I win this one 😀 Have to complete my collection plus I love this series!


2014-08-19 08:36:20 Reply

Free Guess: 7996
I follow via Email: 656
I follow via Facebook (Laura Diddl): 7403
I’ve post something on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/laure.mall/posts/705102232877831 : 6139


2014-08-19 08:49:56 Reply

My Guess : 8675
I LOVE this series, Can’t wait for the next book!
Thanks so much for the giveaway!! You’re awesome!! 🙂

Jennavier Gilbert

2014-08-19 10:32:52 Reply

Hey! I’m pretty psyched for this one. You’ve been away for a while. Glad to have ou back! And I say that for more reasons then the great giveaways:)

Free guess: 7777
Twitter @jennavierj: 492
Facebook (Jennavier Frisby): 3926

Additional entries to come!

Skye @ Skye's Scribblings

2014-08-19 12:00:38 Reply

Free Guess: 10
Follow via Email: 987
Follow via Bloglovin (Skye S.): 4321
Follow via Twitter (@skyelyte): 7890
Tweeted: 564

Email: scribblerskye@gmail.com

Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

Rachel Patrick

2014-08-19 12:42:13 Reply

Main Entry: 23
Follow via Facebook (under Rachel Patrick): 565
Follow via BlogLovin’: 1234
Follow via Twitter (@RachelllRaeee): 1389
Tweet (https://twitter.com/RachelllRaeee/status/501770559458246656): 1824

Thanks for the giveaway! Here’s my email: rachelpatrick93@yahoo.com

Maya Prasad

2014-08-19 13:13:26 Reply

I can’t wait for HEIR OF FIRE!!!! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

My guess: 17

Maya Prasad

2014-08-19 13:15:10 Reply

Second guess for following via twitter (am @mayaprasadwrite): 9999

Saniya Shaikh

2014-08-19 14:10:44 Reply

First guess: 107 🙂
Second (subscribed by email): 6666 because Idk xD
Third guess (followed on twitter @saniyashake): 4958


2014-08-19 17:39:21 Reply

Free guess: 78346
Twitter: @chacelilyvale (571)
Retweet: I haven’t been on Twitter in ages, and I can’t figure out how to get a link to your retweeted status, but I retweeted this one as Analea Rose/ChaceLilyVale: https://twitter.com/Bibliopunkk/status/501746437479079937 (1373)

Thanks for the giveaway!


2014-08-19 18:06:54 Reply


Free guess: 5,391
Subscribed via email: 9,115
Followed Bloglovin’ (Veronica Lloyd): 1,773
Follow via FB (Veronica Lloyd): 7,005
Follow via Twitter (veronicalloyd_): 530
Tweeted: 2,462 (https://twitter.com/veronicalloyd_/status/501851144348372992)
Posted on Tumblr: 8,923 (http://messrsiriusblack.tumblr.com/post/95223614118/i-entered-to-win-a-copy-of-heir-of-fire-the-3rd)
Posted on Google+: 3,390 (https://plus.google.com/104991977801791668699/posts/hpNzMddVhFH)

Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! 😀

Sydney Springer

2014-08-19 18:22:34 Reply

Free guess: 888
Subscribed via email: 5982
Booklikes: 7
Facebook: 1234
Goodreads: 3333
Twitter: 10000
Posted on social media: 1


Maria @ Fantasy's Ink

2014-08-19 19:13:22 Reply

Free Guess: 6000


Lena Herron

2014-08-20 00:05:01 Reply

5678 Finger’s crossed. I really want this one.


2014-08-20 01:59:11 Reply

1. The number that I’m guessing is 674
2. I followed you on BlogLovin’ as Robin from robinsbookreviews
3. I tweeted about the giveaway: https://twitter.com/robinbookreview/status/501969513860964353


2014-08-20 06:01:09 Reply

Free guess: 8127
Subscribed via email: 2868


2014-08-20 06:39:20 Reply

Free Guess: 414
Email follow: 24
Facebook follow: 9824
Twitter follow: 5458

Fingers crossed!! becca[at]nerdsandbees[dot]com

Mary Preston

2014-08-20 07:14:53 Reply

Email Subscriber:

Free guess – 55

Ana P.

2014-08-20 15:11:01 Reply

Aahh I can’t wait to read this!!

My guess: 7,423

Thank you very much for the giveaway!!!

(Email: bluestar22yl@gnail.com)


2014-08-20 15:27:11 Reply

free guess: 9214


2014-08-20 16:20:48 Reply

Free Guess: 327

Subscribed to Blog: 6283


2014-08-21 03:37:51 Reply

free guess: 5000
follow on FB as allie liang: 7778
tweeted: 2957
share on FB: 204


    2014-08-21 03:39:01 Reply

    forgot email 😀
    emilymeimei204 at yahoo dot com

    Hope one of the numbers is right! I’m dying to read this book


2014-08-21 20:06:46 Reply

My guess is 9,999. I tweeted about this.

Emily Sullivan

2014-08-21 21:34:02 Reply


Jill Marie

2014-08-21 22:47:38 Reply

I Tweeted! https://twitter.com/LittleHyuts/status/502647485622263808

My guess: 1234

*fingers crossed ^^*


2014-08-23 10:12:40 Reply

Free entry: 636
Bloglovin’: kayyok
FB: Kara Blank / kara.blank.7
Twitter: @kayy_ok

555 Tweet: https://twitter.com/kayy_ok/status/503182010941067264
9,900 FB share: https://www.facebook.com/kara.blank.7/posts/1454752151469490
887 Google +: https://plus.google.com/116880720344785827993/posts/Wze4mz7CFgC
4,000 Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/383509724492194916/

jennifer mathis

2014-08-23 16:02:25 Reply



2014-08-23 19:36:15 Reply

Free guess: 8428
Tweet (https://twitter.com/WendyYLiu/status/503322512722522112): 2840
Follow on Twitter (@wendyyliu): 2500
Bloglovin (https://www.bloglovin.com/wendyyliu): 4800
Follow on Facebook (Wendy Liu): 2000
Share on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/wendyyliu/posts/10152676443566241): 5482

Thank you so much!


2014-08-23 21:38:21 Reply

Free guess: 216
Email: 7,826 (letty1614@yahoo.com)
Bloglovin- 4,505 (Tamara A.)
Twitter- 71 (@tamara216)

Thanks so much! I love this series!

Janice Robertson

2014-08-24 21:56:32 Reply

Free guess 6 666

Saniya S

2014-08-26 13:35:49 Reply

Followed by bloglovin (saniya s.) : 599
I think I forgot to mention my email before… It’s: saniyashake[at]gmail[dot]com
🙂 x

Saniya Shaikh

2014-08-27 05:26:40 Reply

I commented yesterday but now I can’t see the comment :S I just wanted to tell you my email because I forgot to before: Saniyashake[at]gmail[dot]com
Also that I followed on Bloglovin: 599 🙂
Hope this still counts x