The Perks of Being a Bookseller: Part 64
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  • July 11, 2014

I’m a few days behind updating this week’s Perks post, but it’s all good. It gave me time to actually read this week. I have had a few book busts the last two days, but there were a couple of gems as well.

To that end, this is what I received from the pubs since my last Perks post. Lookie lookie!

– Goodies!!! –


– What I am most excited for. Oh yeah, it’s so on! –

Those last three are things that I have been waiting for ages for, particularly Isla, which I already read and reviewed since receiving it. It happens, sometimes. I get very excited for books that I have been waiting three years for. I am only human, after all.

And, of course the book destroyed me in all the right ways… and then I couldn’t settle on a book following it. I picked up two or three high fantasy manuscripts that require immediate attention… and I wasn’t feeling any of them. So, I picked up something that is randomly sitting on my iPad – Feral by Holly Schindler. While I am not 100% attentive to it I am not running away from reading it either. It’s sort of fun in a completely weird way.

I think, truth be told, that I am still messed up from Gone Girl. Feral is a physiological thriller and it’s pressing the “yes please!” button. Since I am going into the woods soon-ish I was hoping to not get wrapped up in horror just now. These things tend to stick with me. Silly me.  (I’m not 100% convinced that Feral is horror, but I think it could end up being. I just want to finish it before I am sleeping outdoors under the cover of night. Which seems to make the most sense.)

I also started watching The Walking Dead, finally. That might account for the horror mood. But I am in the comfort of my own couch and it’s still highly stupid to read it out in the woods, so that’s that.

I’ve had trouble picking my books to read while campside. I had a number of them settled upon and then I had my book bust, so I have changed my mind a thousand times. My ardent rule is to not take my device – the book has to be physical and in my hands (ARCs and MSs do count). I don’t want to have to plug-in my iPad in the great outdoors (when we don’t get electrified sites at all). So, that cuts down a number of books that are “must-read-soon!” review books… which is helpful (vacation after all). However, the high fantasy bust is sort of disillusioning. I do have a bunch of print ARCs for September and beyond and many of them are fantasy… and I am not into it right now. So, if I can’t read that and I can’t read horror that leaves contemporary, romance, new adult, historic fiction, science fiction, or urban fantasy (which might be just far enough away for government work). Gothic is too close to Horror and I would take Gillian Flynn but, again, the thriller-scary-in-the-woods thing. So, I filled and refilled my book bag, weighing options left and right. I have changed my mind so many times I’m starting to get whiplash. It’s a disconcerting thing, picking the perfect away-from-my-library books. I have to predict what I will be in the mood for AND hope that I bring enough to keep me occupied. Boo.

That said, I almost always bring a dozen books (for a 4-5 day holiday) and that’s almost always seven too many. But I can’t risk the chance of *gasp* running out mid-break, can I? *gulp*

Perish the thought.

One book that I did pick up and set down was Midnight Thief by Blackburne. I understand it’s fun, but not this week. Same thing happened with An Ember in the Ashes and Red Queen (which I read, like, half a page of). I think I need a small break and I’ll go back to them. I’ve had this idea of rereading Gone with the Wind by the campfire and it’s still appealing to me. It’s in the bag, one of the few things that has not changed. We’ll see.

What else? My brain hurts now. Too many choices.

So, to that end, thoughts? Recommendations? What have you read recently that really wowed you? I have a number of choices in my house and maybe, just maybe, your book will go into my bag for this trip.


Thanks all.

– BP

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Skye @ Skye's Scribblings

2014-07-11 19:14:02 Reply

Isla! *flails* As is most of the world I am really looking forward to it – although maybe not quite as much as most of the world. Anna was perfection for me but I really didn’t like Lola, so I’m a little wary to finally read Isla. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things so far though, so I’m hoping I’ll love it too!

I must say that Heap House sounds really interesting, if rather dark. I’ll have to give it a look someday.

The only book I can think to recommend right now is the one I’m currently reading, which is Invisible by Dawn Metcalf, the sequel to Indelible. If you haven’t read Indelible yet, then I recommend taking both – they are quick YA contemporary fantasy. I couldn’t put down Indelible when I re-read it, and I now can’t put down Invisible! In between them I read The Fourth Wish, sequel to The Art of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar (which I LOVED), but sadly this sequel and completion of the duology was a frustration and disappointment. 🙁

Good luck choosing what books to take (I have the hardest time choosing for trips as well), and have fun camping! 🙂