The Perks of Being a Bookseller: Special House Cleaning Episode
  • Posted:
  • March 10, 2014

So, in the (several) hours since I posted my Perks post earlier today… this happened.


* Gasp *

* Jaw Drop *

The books… They got free! They have been freed! Save us all!

Now now, pick your jaw up off the floor, this is NOT a delivery from today. This is, in essence, everything that I have acquired for the last few years that I needed (desperately) to organize and (mostly) have not read. And it is a good thing I have, because I found NUMEROUS extra duplicates that I have no need of.

Giveaways loom, gentle readers.

Loometh, even.


*Gasp again * Wow, that’s a  lot of books. And yes, it took me HOURS to get them gathered and this spruced up. Like unruly Victorian children, they are.


There are things that are in here for a reason. I needed to get my act together about what all I realistically have before I move (in a year). To be fair, though, this is only A FRACTION of the books I actually have around this house. My current Goodreads total shows that I own 2,336 books, 1,771 that are unread. The existing ARCs in my apartment stand at 691, 583 are unread.

* Gulp *

This is mostly just the Young Adult ARCs (and others) that have flooded in recently. All of my books that I have read, my husband’s books, and a portion of unread mountains have not been photographed… there’s no way I could have gotten them all in the shot had I even tried.

All of the hardcovers in the lower right hand corner are things that I want to reread. So I pulled them out to prioritize them. Then I put everything right back where I found it, minus about fifty duplicates.

(I believe I did mention that a giveaway would be coming, right? Oi… always.)

And I’m off, to my dinner preparation and my newest ARC and my aching arms and back.

(I’m so glad that this project is done.)

Happy reading, all.

– BP

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2014-03-10 20:14:18 Reply

Wow. I will never complain about the state of my tbr pile again.


    2014-03-10 20:29:22 Reply

    I know, right? Enormous it be.

Skye @ Skye's Scribblings

2014-03-10 20:35:09 Reply

Wowza, now THAT is a TBR pile. 😉 It can be quite overwhelming to spring clean one’s shelves, but also so much fun! Rediscovering titles you were once dying to read but forgot about – until now! Good luck reading through them somehow! And I of course look forward to that giveaway you hinted at. 😉


    2014-03-10 21:14:12 Reply

    The sad truth is that I could have read an entire book for the amount of time I took today going through these. Sigh.

      Skye @ Skye's Scribblings

      2014-03-10 22:11:52 Reply

      True. But organizing one’s TBR pile is necessary every now and again, so you know what you have and what you need to read, despite the time it takes to do it. And while overwhelming, it feels good to do it. Now you can read with confidence! 😉


        2014-03-10 22:56:19 Reply

        Tell that to the Beekeeper. He was teasing me about not being away from the book store long enough before I started “working” at home.


2014-03-11 02:10:27 Reply

Woah! I’m so jealous! 😀 I wish I had that many books- it’d be awesome, even if it’d take up a lot of space.


2014-03-11 02:23:55 Reply

Staring at your TBR pile in amazement. Mine is quite large, but just wow. I would give anything to have that many books! Also, I zoomed in and lots of those are on my wishlist! I think I will be a bookseller. 🙂

Ellie M

2014-03-11 12:45:10 Reply

Holy Crap! Reminds me of all the VHS tapes I had as a kid. I used to line them up all along my room and play dominoes with them 😛


2014-03-11 21:30:33 Reply

Dang! That is A LOT OF BOOKS! I wish I had that many books. If you want, I can lighten your load and take some of them 🙂

Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

2014-03-23 20:16:06 Reply

Wow that is a ton of books!!