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  • March 8, 2014

Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday is the newest novel by Colleen Hoover. It releases March 18, 2014 from Atria Books. Having read her Slammed series last year to mixed results I had level expectations going into this book.

My expectations, however, were exceeded tenfold. I positively loved this book. 

Sydney lives in an apartment in Texas with her best friend, Tori. She has been dating Hunter for two years but he doesn’t live with them, instead choosing to visit often. One day an encounter with another man, Ridge, whose apartment is across the courtyard from Sydney’s, ignites a tentative texting friendship that will change Sydney’s life. First off, he reveals to her something that she does not know about Hunter and Tori and the news simply devastates Sydney. Now, homeless and heartbroken, she is invited to live with Ridge and his two room mates, Warren and Bridgette, until she gets on her feet again.

Sydney settles into life with her new house mates to mixed results. Warren has been Ridge’s best friend for ten years but he’s a loose cannon, and Bridgette is nearly unlikable. Ridge is a gifted musician. This is what drew Sydney to him in the beginning – his nightly guitar practice rituals on his balcony. But his musical ability hides something that takes Sydney a little bit of time to realize – Ridge is deaf. He works at home as a computer engineer but he has profound hearing loss and does not speak. Knowing this she enters into a friendship with him that is heavily reliant upon texts and instant messaging. The two discover that they share a passion for music and begin writing together; Sydney writes the lyrics while Ridge composes the melodies. When the two begin to develop an attraction to one another they discover other factors that could forever keep them apart.

There was something wholly perfect about this book. I cannot tell you the mathematical formula behind a great novel but Hoover nailed it precisely. Between the characters, the complexities, the plot arc, and the development everything added up to create a novel that was heart-felt, compassionate, and thoroughly entertaining. I was charmed the entire book and very impressed with Hoover. She’s come a long way.

It’s been a long time since I fell in love with a character, but I fell in love with Ridge. Unabashedly. He’s intelligent, he’s well-rounded, and though he has a disability it does not stop him from expressing everything that is within him. He’s one of those characters that has you sighing from page one and it never lets up. Sydney is also a great character and her struggle with her own heart rings true. She grows into a beautiful and self-assured young woman by the end of the book and her journey is nothing short of remarkable.

Fair warning to those who cringe at romantic tropes – there is a love triangle in this book. However, the story behind it is a big reason why Ridge and Sydney cannot be together. During this part of the book I kept telling myself that this story would work so much better if the three principles entered in to a polyamourous dynamic. That agreement could resolve everything in a snap. However, Hoover uses this plot to make one of her characters, Maggie, really shine. I was gunning for a poly ending until Maggie comes into her own. After that point the poly idea simply dissolved for me. It’s so strong a turning point on its own that it doesn’t need another complication, and I was really happy after the fact that it did not go there.

That said, where it went it went beautifully. This is a gorgeous book, strong and unforgettable. I know now that I will read Hoover again. I wasn’t so sure before, but because of this book I am convinced. This is one of the most believable romances that I have ever read. It’s not just for fans of the genre. This is a romance I would give to my friends who do not like romances. The power of this book cannot be denied.

5 out of 5 stars.

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