The Perks of Being a Bookseller: Part 47
  • Posted:
  • February 10, 2014

Hello ladies and gents and non-gendered folk. How are you out there in book world? I’m sick as a dog with a head cold plague but trying to keep in good spirits. I spent two straight days alternatively sleeping and reading. So, I read quite a lot and I’m on the road to feeling good.

Ish. (Probably more ish at this point than good.)

And here’s what I received this week.

So yeah… lots of books. Some I have read and some I have not. It’s all good, just adding them to Mount-Not-Read and Mount-To-Be-Read. Someday… someday.

Also, in all things blurby, this has been happening over on Goodreads.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 8.56.45 PM

So, that is all sorts of nifty. I like the mileage that Penguin is getting out of that Archetype blurb. Makes me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy.

I have a pile of books I have to review this week. I’m currently reading a couple of freelance, so those I can’t talk about until the reviews are released. In the interim I have a couple of MUST-READ-NOW! books on the list. Most importantly is Rachel Caine’s Prince of Shadows (which I am behind on getting a review in for. Whoops). and Ryan Graudin’s All That Glows (no spoilers on either book, please!). Beyond that I have to read Hounded by Kevin Hearne with a group read-a-long soon.

 In other news, Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings and I are planning a read-a-long weekend in a few weeks. The plan is to hunker down and read as much as possible in that two-day period and blog about it. I am welcoming everyone out there to join us in our endeavor. It’s the weekend of February 28 through March 2, 2014. I have a series of books that I am eying, so we should be all good. Just need to get enough caffeine and goodies in the house to prevent us from killing each other and we’ll be fine. *grins*

So, with that I am off. What are you  reading right now and what are you looking forward to read?

– BP

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Library Thing




Perks 47: February 3 – 10, 2014


  1. Taking Chances – Molly M. Adams. Final quality paperback.
  2. Dark Eden – Chris Beckett. Advanced reader copy.
  3. Prince of Shadows – Rachel Caine. Hardcover.
  4. And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie. Final quality paperback.
  5. Outlander – Diana Gabaldon. Final quality paperback.
  6. The Dark Heroine – Abigail Gibbs. Final quality paperback.
  7. Lily’s Crossing – Patricia Reilly Giff. Final Hardcover format.
  8. The Vincent Boys – Abbi Glines. Final quality paperback.
  9. The Vincent Brothers – Abbi Glines. Final quality paperback.
  10. The Blonde – Anna Godberson. Advanced reader copy.
  11. Lord of the Flies – William Golding.
  12. The Woman in Black – Susan Hill. Final quality paperback.
  13. Slammed – Colleen Hoover. Final quality paperback.
  14. Shadow Falls: The Beginning – C.C. Hunter. Final quality paperback.
  15. Lover Be Mine – Nicole Jordan. Final mass market paperback.
  16. Ella Enchanted – Gail Carson Levine. Hardcover.
  17. Cress – Marissa Meyer. Hardcover.
  18. Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell. Final quality paperback.
  19. Beloved – Toni Morrison. Final quality paperback.
  20. Sharps – K. J. Parker. Final quality paperback.
  21. A Long Way From Chicago – Richard Peck. Hardcover.
  22. Into the Still Blue – Veronica Rossi. Hardcover.
  23. Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell. Hardcover.
  24. The Secret History – Donna Tartt. Final quality paperback.
  25. Soul Screamers Volume 1 – Rachel Vincent. Final quality paperback.
  26. Soul Screamers Volume 2 – Rachel Vincent. Final quality paperback.
  27. On Dublin Street – Samantha Young. Final quality paperback.

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2014-02-10 16:29:10 Reply

*adds crossbow to pile to bring to your place for reading weekend* >.> Only one shall survive!


    2014-02-11 15:25:41 Reply

    Oh, if you are bringing a crossbow then it’s on.