The Perks of Being a Bookseller: Part 44
  • Posted:
  • January 20, 2014

Hello all. I hope everyone is having a good week. I know I am.

A lot of good books came in this week, and I also somehow managed to avoid all Downton Abbey and Sherlock spoilers from last night. Victory!

(Don’t you dare, I know that you are tempted! All spoilery comments will be vetted and deleted.)

To that end, onto book pron. Behold!


Oooooh…. Black Ice manuscript by Becca Fitzpatrick! Score!




More swag.


…yet more swag. Bollocks… lots of books.

I’m currently in the middle of Wild by Alex Mallory. It’s a debut retelling of Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I loved reading Tarzan about ten years back and this book faithfully captures a lot of the essence of it. I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

I’m still (still) reading Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin. I’m close to admitting defeat. It’s not my type of book and it took me 200+ pages to admit that and I don’t think I can manage another 500. The words are beautiful, but dense and I’m drowning in them. I’m just not enjoying the read.

Besides that… oh, so many books. I don’t know where to go next. Well, I have ideas, but we’ll see. I wanted to read Black Ice next, but I think two outdoorsy-survival books in a row is a bad plan. I’ve been meaning to read Tin Star by Cecil Castellucci, so that might not be a bad plan. I also (in theory) want to (finally!) start Veronica Rossi’s books this week (well, restart. I read ten pages once and wasn’t in the mood). But that depends on how I will feel in two or three books. The best laid plans, and all.

At some point I need to get back in the editing chair. I have three MS’s to edit now, and one still needs more work. Apparently, my handle on grammar is a touch rusty from the, oh, twenty-five years since I really studied it. I need a good grammar writing program to catch these things, or a few helpful books to reference. Thoughts?

Three manuscripts… sigh… that’s a lot of rewriting, yo. I’ll get back to it… soon. Ish. Ish is probably more likely.

I think that’s about it. What are you reading, folks? And what are you looking forward to reading?


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Library Thing




PERKS 44: January 6 – 20

  1. The      Sound – Sarah Alderson. Advanced reader copy.
  2. The      Book of David – Anonymous. Advanced reader copy.
  3. There      Will Come A Time – Carrie Arcos. Advanced reader copy.
  4. Rise      of the Arcane Fire – Kristin Bailey. Advanced reader copy.
  5. Prisoner      of Night and Fog – Anne Blankman. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  6. The      XYZ’s of Being Wicked – Lara Chapman. Advanced reader copy.
  7. The      Killing Woods – Lucy Christopher. Advanced reader copy.
  8. How To      Meet Boys – Catherine Clark. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate?
  9. Battle      of the Beasts – Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini. Advanced reader copy.
  10. Magnolia      – Kristi Cook. Advanced reader copy.
  11. Servants      of the Storm – Delilah S. Dawson. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  12. The      Taking – Kimberly Derting. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  13. Mila      2.0: Renegade – Debra Drizza. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  14. Exile      – Kevin Emerson. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate?
  15. Mouseheart      – Lisa Fielder. Advanced reader copy.
  16. Infinite      Sky – C.J. Flood. Advanced reader copy.
  17. Killer      Instinct – S.E. Green. Advanced reader copy.
  18. Half      Bad – Sally Green. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  19. Chantress      Academy – Amy Butler Greenfield. Advanced reader copy.
  20. To All      the Boys I’ve Loved Before – Jenny Han. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  21. Sweet      Reckoning – Wendy Higgins. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  22. Cruel      Beauty – Rosamund Hodge. Hardcover.
  23. Maybe      Someday – Colleen Hoover. Advanced reader copy.
  24. Passionaries      – Tonya Hurley. Advanced reader copy.
  25. Uninvited      – Sophie Jordan. Hardcover.
  26. The      Last Best Kiss – Claire LaZebnik. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  27. Random      – Tom Leveen. Advanced reader copy.
  28. We      Were Liars – E. Lockhart. Advanced reader copy.
  29. Tease      – Amanda Maciel. Advanced reader copy.
  30. Talker      25 – Joshua McCune. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  31. Pulse      – Gail McHugh. Advanced reader copy.
  32. Sleep      No More – Josin McQuein. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  33. Free      to Fall – Lauren Miller. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  34. Five      Kingdoms: Sky Raiders – Brandon Mull. Advanced reader copy.
  35. Storm      – Donna Jo Napoli. Advanced reader copy.
  36. Starbreak      – Phoebe North. Advanced reader copy.
  37. The      Boundless – Kenneth Oppel. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  38. Troika      – Adam Pelzman. Advanced reader copy.
  39. Sleep      No More – Aprilynne Pike. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  40. After      the End – Amy Plum. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  41. The      Barrow – Mark Smylie. Advanced reader copy.
  42. Royally      Lost – Angie Stanton. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  43. The      Secrets of Lily Graves – Sarah Strohmeyer. Advanced reader copy.      Duplicate.
  44. Birthright      – Cate Tiernan. Advanced reader copy.
  45. Flights      and Chimes and Mysterious Times – Emma Trevayne. Advanced reader copy.
  46. Summer      of Yesterday – Gaby Triana. Advanced reader copy.
  47. Where      the Rock Splits the Sky – Philip Webb. Advanced reader copy.
  48. Dragon      Girl – Jeff Weigel. Advanced reader copy.
  49. Noggin      – John Corey Whaley. Advanced reader copy.
  50. The      Thickety – J.A. White. Advanced reader copy.
  51. Solsbury      Hill – Susan M. Wyler. Advanced reader copy.
  52. The      Treatment – Suzanne Young. Advanced reader copy.


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Skye @ Skye's Scribblings

2014-01-20 16:20:57 Reply

What an epic haul this time! I hadn’t heard of a lot of the titles from the second pic and added a few of them to my Wishlist – Flights and Chimes and Mysterious Times definitely looks good. I just found out about Where the Rock Splits the Sky a few weeks ago, and I’m really excited to discover its western dystopian world. DYING to get my hands on Meridian. Also looking forward to Royally Lost, The Last Best Kiss, and After the End, to name a few.

I just started Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, which is quite a feat of a read at 850 pages but I’ve always wanted to read it and since it was a choice on my college reading list I thought I’d finally give it a try. Also in the middle of Erased by Jennifer Rush – I loved Altered, but for some reason Erased seems highly predictable so I’m struggling a bit.

Good luck with your editing! It’s the thing I struggle with most in writing, so I know how hard it is to get started. XP

Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction

2014-01-20 22:13:12 Reply

oooo, Meridian arc! *wants to pet the pretty* Lovely stack of books there. So many great ones. I’m very curious as to what you’ll think of Tin Star when you read it. The reviews have been very mixed (I’ve read and my review will go up this week or next). Enjoy the rest of the week!


2014-01-20 23:10:32 Reply

I agree with you wholeheartedly about Winter’s Tale being very dense and wordy. As I’m reading it, I’ll look back and think, he could have cut that whole part out, it served no damned purpose I could see. However, I LOVE this book!! It’s just what I needed, a book to sink my teeth into because while wordy, he’s a good story teller. they’re like little vignettes that I’m hopeful, will somehow all tie in together. 🙂 I’m around the 350 page area.


2014-01-27 05:30:27 Reply

Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t even handle the fact that you have Black Ice. That’s incredible! I hope it’s fantastic. Looking forward to your review! And, of course, getting to read it myself! Enjoy your haul!