The Perks of Being a Bookseller: Part 42
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  • January 4, 2014

 Hello from 2014. Hope everyone had a smashing New Year.

 I failed the last few weeks on updating the perks feature. I blame the writing project… and an epic loss of power throughout Michigan (yeah, I was in that dark and cold corner of the states). Let’s just say it’s hard to think about updating the interwebs when your heat (still) hasn’t worked properly for a week (and it’s only 10 degrees outside).

So, here you go, gentle readers… electrified (yay!) book porn!


– Various goodies acquired through December –

I’m working through a small handful of freelance reviews for this month. But I have a ton of books coming down the roster that are “must read now!” titles. With the writing project concluded (for the moment) I am looking at all of my books with a vengeance… so many books, so little time.

…And that reminds me, I still have to write a post for my goals this year. Sigh. I’mma catch up soon, I swear.

I have to start A Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin for my book group.  That should be fun.

The other book I should start soon is The Queen of Tearling, I think that’s the one that was chosen for my other online reading group (online group, please verify?).

Besides that I want to finish the Katie McGarry books, read Rainbow Rowell, read Sekret, The Kiss of Deception…and a handful of others. More or less, once again I am swamped. Act surprised.


( Read all the books, Krys. All of them. Every book ever. )

And with that, I am off. What are you reading currently? What are you most looking forward to read?



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Perks 42: December

  1. Sean      Rosen is Not for Sale – Jeff Baron. Advanced Reader Copy.
  2. The      Midnight Witch – Paila Brackston. Advanced reader copy.
  3. Generation V – M.L. Brennan. Mass      market paperback. X-mas present.
  4. The      Storm Stower Thief – Anne Cameron. Advanced reader copy.
  5. Dark      Currents – Jacqueline Carey. Mass market paperback. X-mas present.
  6. Alice’s      Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass – Lewis Carroll.      Hardcover. X-mas present for the Beekeeper.
  7. Pile      of Bones – Bailey Cunningham. Mass market paperback. X-mas present.
  8. Mila      2.0: Renegade – Debra Driza. Advanced reader copy.
  9. Salvage      – Alexandra Duncan. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate – 2 copies.
  10. The      Spider – Jennifer Estep. Mass market paperback. Bought.
  11. The      Gollywhopper Games: The New Champion – Jody Feldman. Advanced Reader Copy.
  12. The      Trap – Andrew Fukuda. Hardcover. X-mas present.
  13. Elusion      – Claudia Gabel and Cheryl Klam. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  14. Unbreakable      – Kami Garcia. Hardcover. X-mas present.
  15. Take a      Chance – Abbi Glines. Advanced reader copy.
  16. The      Princess Bride – William Golman. Hardcover. X-mas present for the      Beekeeper.
  17. No One      Else Can Have You – Kathleen Hale. Hardcover.
  18. Demon      Derby – Carrie Harris. Advanced reader copy.
  19. The      Islands of Chaldea – Diana Wynne Jones and Ursula Jones. Advanced reader      copy. Duplicate.
  20. These      Broken Stars – Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner. Hardcover. X-mas present.
  21. Elivs      and the Underdogs – Jenny Lee. Advanced Reader Copy.
  22. Seven      Wonders Journals: The Select and the Orphan – Peter Lerangis. Advanced      reader copy.
  23. The      Caller – Juliet Marillier. Advanced reader copy.
  24. A      Dance With Dragons – George R.R. Martin. Mass market paperback. X-mas      present.
  25. Say      What You Will – Cammie McGovern. Advanced Reader Copy.
  26. A      Beautiful Wedding – Jamie McGuire. Hardcover.
  27. Collide      – Gail McHugh. Advanced reader copy.
  28. Meridian      – Josin L. McQuien. Advanced reader copy.
  29. Across      a Star-Swept Sea – Diana Peterfreund. Hardcover. X-mas present.
  30. Revolution      19 – Gregg Rosenblum. Quality paperback.
  31. Fugitive      X – Gregg Rosenblum. Hardcover.
  32. Working      It – Kendall Ryan. Advanced reader copy.
  33. The      Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers – Lynn Weingarten. Quality paperback.
  34. The      Book of Love – Lynn Weingarten. Hardcover.
  35. House      of Ivy and Sorrow – Natalie Whipple. Advanced Reader Copy. Duplicate.
  36. Flora’s      Fury – Ysabeau S. Wilce. Advanced Reader Copy.

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Skye @ Skye's Scribblings

2014-01-04 16:25:01 Reply

Meridian ARCs do exist!!! *flails* You don’t know how happy I am to find that out, no one’s been able to confirm it as of yet. I absolutely LOVED Arclight and cannot wait for Meridian! That’s definitely a sweet haul for December – good luck getting back into reading, and congrats again on completing your writing project!

I’m currently binge-reading the Pandora Hearts series. A friend sent me Vols. 4-5 for Christmas so I could snag the rest from the library and finally dig in! I’m also re-reading Reboot by Amy Tintera – she’s going to be visiting in late January so I’m reacquainting myself with her work. (I was hoping to snag an ARC of Rebel to read before she comes as well, but no luck.) I’ve also been reading Writing Fiction by Burroway, which is the textbook for my very first college class, Intro to Writing Fiction! It starts in a few weeks and I’m really excited, especially since the textbook is actually quite good – I’m learning so much already.


2014-01-04 16:57:19 Reply

Confirmed! Starting Wednesday I think?

Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction

2014-01-05 02:28:28 Reply

Yep! Tearling starting Wednesday. Very excited for us to start it. Happy 2014 and congrats on your writing project.

Does Elusion’s cover look as beautiful in person?

Mary H

2014-01-07 02:07:17 Reply

I hope you enjoy These Broken Stars. It’s wonderful!