The Secret Project Revealed: Part 3
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  • January 3, 2014


Once again… Awwww… Mauling. Sadface.

Well, gentle readers, I am back. And I have done it again. For December for the last three years now I have taken the month off to write a secret project. It’s become not so secret now, but I’m still keeping the content under wraps. For the moment, at least.

Let’s just say this – once again it’s Fairy Tale themed. Once again it completely absorbed me… and, once again, I finished writing it in just over a month. So, I’m feeling completely accomplished just now. But I’m also exhausted and emotionally drained and completely worn out and ready to read again. So, there’s that.

So, here are the boring stats. I’m sure I’ll be the only one who finds them interesting.

Word count – 90,823
Total hours – 90 hours (1,000 words per hour).
Total days worked on the first draft = 29 days.
Average time worked on it every day that I wrote = 3 hours.
Average word count per day that I wrote = 3,132 words.

I’m so thrilled that I did it again. For those of you who keep thinking about writing, trust me, there’s nothing stopping you. I am living proof of that, three years running now.

I did it! Halle-fracking-llujah.

I’ll catch up on the usual blog posts real soon, I promise. I have a ton of giveaways to conclude and Perks to show off. Give me a few days folks, and thanks for being understanding.

Happy Holidays!

– BP

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Skye @ Skye's Scribblings

2014-01-03 02:24:33 Reply

Congratulations!! Having done Nanowrimo half a dozen times, I know exactly how you feel – although I think 90k would’ve literally killed me. You are an inspiration. <3 Have a good rest, and I look forward to your regular posts and reviews after you recover! 🙂


2014-01-03 03:16:42 Reply

YEYYEYEYEY! Congrats 😀 The thing that is stopping me is that I don’t have as cool of ideas as you do >.> Or any ideas at all 😉 Haha


2014-01-04 07:41:36 Reply

Congrats! That’s great news! You should be really proud of yourself that is a lot of hard work! You deserve a nice break 🙂