The Perks of Being a Bookseller – Part 38
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  • November 18, 2013

Hello all.

I was just sitting here reading and then it occurred to me that it’s Monday, and as such I owe you a Perks post.

So here you go.


Harpercollins sent gifts this week as did Random House and Simon and Schuster. Thanks guys!

I’m 150 pages into Avalon as we speak. I’m reading it for a read-a-long. It’s good, but my brain is not wholly focused on space opera as we speak, so I’m having difficulty with it. In the same vein I have not made any progress with Dune. Because, reasons. I pretty much ignored everything I am supposed to be reading and picked up Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry. That’s about as much as I have to give this week – New Adult. I don’t have the brain power for much of anything else right now.

I’ll try to get back into Dune by Thanksgiving. I just, yeah. Stuff.

What else, I saw the new Thor movie this week. I was not a fan of the first Thor movie and I actually watched that to remind myself why and it’s still just as bad. The new one, though, is fantastic. And I’m seeing it again this week with a friend and the husband. Because we can.

… Because of Loki, really.

single loki

Mmmmm… Loki.

Also, I laughed way too hard at this.

I have a handful of books I want to try to attempt before the end of the year, and for me that window is narrowing fast. I take December off to write. So before that I have to read, oh… these books.

Of Metal and Wishes by Sarah Fine

Dare You To by Katie McGarry

Crash Into You by Katie McGarry

Beauty by Robin McKinley

Rose’s Daughter by Robin McKinley

Beast by Donna Jo Napoli

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

So yeah, twelve days… and Thanksgiving in the midst of that. Even I know that this is futile. But I’ma gonna try. Because, again, reasons.

I have two in that list that ARE must read books. The rest, well, we’ll see.

Argh, books. Argh, life. Argh… everything.

And with that Charlie Brown angst I am off. What are you all reading tonight? What are you looking forward to read?


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2013-11-18 16:30:29 Reply

Wow, normally I only know one title in your stacks, but this time dying to read two or three in there!
I’m currently rereading the Kate Daniels series. Because…. I apparently don’t have the spoons to read anything new or even remotely emotional. So my stack is getting ever larger and I’m hiding with tried and true favorites. That, and I’m doing nanowrimo this year and it’s pretty much taken over my life.


2013-11-18 18:24:41 Reply

*spits soup everywhere* OMG THAT PICTURE IS AMAZING! I love that actor even more now, is there a video that that pic is from???????

*pets Avalon*

Scott Pilgrim (@ScottReadsIt)

2013-11-19 01:20:34 Reply

OMG. INFINITE. I just want to pull out of the screen and read it 😉


2013-11-20 22:08:27 Reply

I had no idea Harper was even going to do ARCs for Evertrue. Yours is the first I’ve seen. SO jealous right now. Congrats, Krys, & enjoy your new reads!