The Perks of Being a Bookseller – Part 37
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  • November 11, 2013

I have to open with the video. It’s been rocking my world this week. So awesome. Oh, the uncanny valley. These guys have it nailed. Lots of fun.

And besides, he’s hot. Yeah, I’d hit that, robot makeup and all. But don’t tell my husband. He’d want to join. 🙂

(Mmmm…. Deep-voiced, tall boys in makeup)

Should anyone want to buy me a tee-shirt here’s their website. I wear XL regular cuts.

(I only add this because I know that a friend with my address was looking for gifty ideas for me, so there you go Brooke. 😉 )

Oh yeah… you came to see books not hot boy robots, right? Here you go.



I’ve been making slow, yet ever-so-steady progress on many different things. I finished Champion by Marie Lu, which I reviewed for an outside outlet (review to come). The book was everything I could want and more. And it’s my favourite book this year. Truth. All the feels.

(I actually very much hate the phrase ALL THE FEELS. Sigh.)

I’m also getting into my writing project in full force. I’m tackling another fairy tale. I have not actually started writing anything yet (end of the month). However, things are getting plotted and planned and progressing and this makes me happy. I tend to be more of a planner than a pantser in NANOWRIMO terms. Although, to be fair, the plans are fairly loose. I do write myself a skeletal chapter outline but my notes might say something like “use this ——> line in this chapter” and the scene might be otherwise unmapped. So I have to figure out how to lead up to that point, which is the pantsing part of my writing. I already have a loose outline from the original fairy tale so that’s another element, but it’s my spin that becomes absorbing. I am spending this month studying the tale and next month I plan to obliterate it. Yep.

Which may mean that my posts here will end up being few and far between. Would anyone like to guest review things? Anyone? Bueller? I have one or two in the roster but I’ll otherwise be underwhelming during the month of December. Unless you guys want a ton of giveaways… which, of course, I can provide. 😉

And back to the “not my book” front here is what is going on with me this week. I’m picking my way through The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison. Still. I started it last month but I have picked it up and put it down several times… so many other commitments going on. I should learn to not spread myself so thin (My husband has pointed out that I do better when I am only reading one book at a time, so I might have to return to that format. Next year.). As much as I love it I am officially ready for The Hollows series to end. It feels two books too long (TUP is the twelfth and supposedly penultimate book). It’s winding down and I am ready to let it go. This book is particularly problematic for me. A character arc that Harrison introduced a few books ago is panning out in this one and I have never been a fan of this specific direction… and it’s going there. In fact mid-going-there I put the book down and didn’t look back.. for three weeks.

So yeah, clearly I am resisting it.

I finally got back into it, but I’m still dragging my heels the whole way. It’s good, but that plot point throws me off. And I really wish that she were going in any other direction than that.


I also have yet to pick up Dune again. I made it, oh, a hundred pages in, set it down, and have yet to get back to it. Again, it’s a great book, but other things stole my life this month (I originally typed mouth instead of month and I kind of love that image). I had a number of books that needed reading and reviewing on my iPad, and work has been amping up. Holiday book retail, for the win. I get to ask ten thousand questions a day about why we do not price match Amazon and why exactly are we still charging MSRP when that is “clearly not the cheapest that we can go”. And I can’t just say “Because that is the price of the book” without risking offense.

… Joy…

Independents work differently. That is all. If you want a bookstore in your community you HAVE to support it by any means or be prepared to drive a couple of hours to go to one. Period.

* end rant *

(Oh yeah, I was talking about Dune.)

So I will get back to Dune. But I have a number of things going on. Oh, and the fact that reading Dune in the first place as a nod to my brother has come back to haunt me. I had a few grief breakthroughs this month and looking at Dune only amplified them. So… give me some time to process and please be understanding folks. This is clearly the hardest thing I have ever had to work through and sometimes the emotions overwhelm me. I’m told this is completely normal, so that makes me feel better.


Maybe a scosche. Maybe not at all.

Oh well. Next year, and all that.

I guess that’s it. What are you folks reading currently? What are you looking forward to read?

(Thanks for listening to my whiny rambles.)

– BP

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2013-11-11 10:43:01 Reply

Looking forward to your review for Champion. I’m dying to get a copy because Marie Lu is brilliant. I love her books.

Skye @ Skye's Scribblings

2013-11-13 20:02:43 Reply

I still have yet to read Some Quiet Place and Vicious, even though I’m dying to. *sigh* So many good books, so very little time. I’m looking forward to seeing how the series ends with Into the Still Blue, and really excited for Split Second – Kasie West is one of my favorite authors, and I loved Pivot Point! Excellent haul this time. I’m currently finishing up Pawn by Aimée Carter, which has been pretty good, and the Bakuman series, which I can’t believe is ending but alas Volume 20 says Final Volume.

I’m the same way about reading – I do much better one book at a time, but if I lose interest with one I want to still be reading so I pick up another and before I know it I’m in the middle of 4 books. And I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately, so I have quite the stack of half-read books right now. T-T

Good luck with your writing! I’m going to be finishing up a novel of my own next month – I set a deadline for the end of the year, so hopefully it’ll motivate me. If you need an encouragement buddy, just let me know! We can keep each other motivated.

And I could possibly do a guest review, if you’d like – feel free to contact me to discuss: scribblerskye[at]gmail[dot]com. But of course I will always vote for more giveaways. 😉


2013-11-16 01:01:57 Reply

An amazing haul 🙂 I wish you luck with your December project!
-Scott Reads It!