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  • November 15, 2013

the undead pool

The Undead Pool is the twelfth book in the Hollows series by Kim Harrison. It is the penultimate book in the series (supposedly). I’ve been reading these the last few years and I am at the point where I am ready to let the series go. And, with this book, even more so. This was not my favourite of the series. Not even close.

On an otherwise ordinary security outing with Trent, Rachel’s magic misfires. This starts a chain of events of other magical mishaps throughout Cincinnati. Before Rachel knows it there is chaos and mistrust everywhere. A separatist group of Inderlanders known as the Free Vampires start attacking human citizens and things quickly devolve. Tensions run high between the non-magic and the supernatural and the possibility of unrest is high. Can Rachel get tot he bottom of this before all of the Hollows is compromised?

The last few Hollows book have been going downhill for me. There’s a specific character arc that Harrison has been aiming Rachel and company at in this series and it was finally realized in this novel. I have never been a fan of this direction and it’s frustrating to see it occur. This one thing severely hampered my ability to enjoy this novel. Even when there was a brief implication that it might go another way I began to perk up only to have my hopes dashed utterly. I read the whole book in a pique, irritated with Rachel, irritated with myself, and irritated with Harrison in general. I cannot imagine a more frustrating direction for Rachel. As a result I skim read the latter hundred pages of the book.

Beyond the annoying character arc this book drove me a little insane. I wanted to enjoy the Free Vampire plot but I found it boring and predictable. So, overall, this was a very weak book.

That said, there’s only supposed to be one more book and I have to know how Harrison ends it all. So, I will be reading book thirteen and hoping that Harpercollins does not extend this series beyond that. I’ve gotten through that many books I have to know how this one ends. But I am not happy going into it. That much is certain.

2 out of 5 stars.

– BP

* The Undead Pool releases February 25, 2014. I received and e-arc from Harpercollins via Edelweiss. Thanks for the opportunity to read it early.


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