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  • November 22, 2013

pushing the limits

Pushing the Limits is a debut novel by Katie McGarry. It is the beginning of a series that continues with Dare You To and the upcoming Crash Into You. There is also a short e-book novella called Crossing the Line.

Echo Emerson is a girl on the fringe of her former life. She was once one of the more popular girls in school. But that all changed in a single night. Echo has since forgotten what happened that fateful moment. Now, covered in gruesome scars, Echo lives her life hiding in the shadow of that night, a shadow that haunts everything she does.

When she gets assigned to tutor Noah Hutchins, the breathtaking bad boy with a devious smile, everything changes. Noah is rebellious and impulsive but his gruff exterior hides a sensitive heart. Noah’s parents died in a fire years before and he and his two younger brothers have since become wards of the system. Noah bounces from one awful foster situation while his younger brothers are kept from him. He is determined to get them back even if his one shot at love and acceptance stands in his way.

The two begin a beautiful friendship that blossoms into something more, but there is heavy risks on both side and neither wishes to lose the fragile peace that they have built for themselves by giving in to one another.

This book does a couple of things right. First is the romance between Echo and Noah, which is tender and true. The pacing of events with this story unfold nicely and the overall development is solid. I enjoyed both of the characters in this book. Echo and Noah are fleshed out and realistic. I believed both of them in this set of circumstances.

I did have one problem towards the end of the book. There is something that happens that causes the two to part for a time. The transition from “happy and utterly in love” to “suddenly brutally alone” was jerky and abruptly written. I didn’t believe the reason behind the severance and I don’t really believe the fight either. It seemed far too manic, and even considering the amount of mania within this book it just didn’t read correct. Too sudden and inauthentic. It felt like I missed a few pages of a scene as a result.

The things I did appreciate from this book were the elements of fragility, sacrifice, and overcoming insurmountable odds. There’s a delicacy to how McGarry handled this book and both of these people in it and I appreciated the hand of the author in this aspect. It’s a definite must read for Romance addicts.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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