The Perks of Being a Bookseller – Part 33
  • Posted:
  • October 7, 2013

 Hello all. I’ve got episode 5 of Trueblood season 5 going in the disc drive and I’m ready to talk about some books. Want to see some books?

Here you go. Books!



More goodies!!!


…Yet more goodies…


 This is what I am most excited about – Sekret by Lindsay Smith. I’ve been waiting for this book since the publishing deal was announced. I’m so excited for it.

So, things are things here. Obviously I have giveaways going on, which you should go look at if you haven’t already. I have giant piles of books to give away,  so there are going to be a lot of those coming down the pipe.

 One of the giveaways is for Unhinged by A.G. Howard, which I somehow acquired four copies of. I’m giving away two of them, but I wanted to show you this, lest anyone question.


Yep… that’s four copies, you see that right. And, for the record, two were passed on to friends and that’s why I don’t have four to give away.

And, speaking of Four, I should really start rereading Divergent soon. I had a dream last night about acquiring it early and it occurred to me that there is a very real possibility that I might. So, given that, is that something you folks want me to reveal or is that too braggy? The last two books Harpercollins sent me signed finals early, so, like I said, the possibility of early acquisition is high… unless the ARC embargo extends to that as well.

We’ll see.

Also, I don’t even know how I would reread that right now. I’m in the midst of reading Dune (finally)… and, by “midst” I mean 45 pages in. *sigh* It’s good so far but much of the beginning is just setting up the world and court dynamics and I am still trying to get all of the oddly named ducks in a row. So it’s slow. I am also reading an e-arc of The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison, which Harpercollins kindly put up on Edelweiss just for me (no, not really) (I wish) (kinda maybe). And yes, even though I posted this pile of awesome earlier this week it all promptly got abandoned for Harrison. T’is true. That’s how changeable I can be when it comes to super desired books. I’m scheduled to start Pawn by Aimee Carter today. I’m doing that one for a read-a-long with a couple of lovely blogger folks.

There’s just so many projects going on and I have my hand in so many pies.


…Argh in a good way. Especially if I get Allegiant early. Things will get put off for that. However, as much as I (and the world at large) wants Allegiant I would put that aside if Champion by Marie Lu came through my door. Yes, Champion is priority above all of the things… even Allegiant. It sort of hurts how much I want that book.

Ah, super desired books. How you haunt me.

 So, that’s about it. I have to go read something before work. What are you all reading right now and what are you most looking forward to reading?

Ta, all!

– BP

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Library Thing




Perks 33 – September 23 – October 7, 2013

  1. Soulbound      – Tessa Adams. Final mass market paperback.
  2. Tales      of a Fourth Grade Nothing – Judy Blume. Final Hardcover.
  3. Unforgotten      – Jessica Brody. Advanced reader copy.
  4. Tin      Star – Cecil Castellucci. Advanced reader copy.
  5. VIII –      H.M. Castor. Advanced reader copy.
  6. A Lady      and her Magic – Tammy Falkner. Final mass market paperback.
  7. Lady      Thief – A.C. Gaughen. Advanced reader copy.
  8. Cruel      Beauty – Rosamunde Hodge. Advanced reader copy. Duplicate.
  9. Desperate      Duchesses – Eloisa James. Final mass market paperback.
  10. A Duke      of Her Own – Eloisa James. Final mass market paperback.
  11. This      Duchess of Mine – Eloisa James. Final mass market paperback.
  12. How to      Catch a Bogle – Catherine Jinks. Advanced reader copy.
  13. Pmegranates      – Ann Kleinberg. Final quality paperback.
  14. Swordspoint – Ellen Kushner. Final      mass market paperback.
  15. The      Fall of the Kings – Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman. Final mass market      paperback.
  16. Moth      and Spark – Anne Leonard. Advanced Reader copy.
  17. The      Age of Ra – James Lovegrove. Final mass market paperback.
  18. The      Wicked – Douglas Nicholas. Advanced reader copy.
  19. Belinda      – Anne Rampling. Final quality paperback.
  20. Don’t      Kill the Messenger – Eileen Rendahl. Final mass market paperback.
  21. My      Life as a White Trash Zombie – Diana Rowland. Final mass market paperback.
  22. Rooftoppers      – Katherine Rundell. Final Hardcover.
  23. This      Song Will SaveYour Life –Leila Sales. Final Hardcover.
  24. One      Tiny Lie – K.A. Tucker. Advanced reader copy.
  25. Haven      – Carol Lynch Williams. Advanced reader copy.


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Skye @ Skye's Scribblings

2013-10-07 16:35:04 Reply

So many MMPs this week! I adore MMPs – they’re so cute and portable and they’re generally just a lot of fun to read. I’m really looking forward to Cruel Beauty – Beauty & the Beast is my favorite fairy tale. And FOUR copies of Unhinged… *drools*

I just finished Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin. I don’t read much MG, but I guess I was in the mood. It was cute – a fun fairy tale retelling. I just started Relic by Renee Collins today – so far, so okay.

Happy reading! 🙂


2013-10-07 17:09:34 Reply

Good haul! Just finished The Demon’s Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan. Now I’m in the middle of Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan with Fire Season by David Weber and Jane Lindskold upcoming.

Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction

2013-10-07 18:57:49 Reply

Whoohoo! I hope you do get Allegiant early! Some great titles there, as always. I’m curious about Tin Star because of the SCI fi elements.


    2013-10-07 22:12:41 Reply

    Here’s hoping. Of course not 15 minutes after posting this one of my many fingers-in-pies contacted me about reviewing Champion, sooooo…. Yeah. Priorities ruined.


2013-10-09 14:19:38 Reply

I’m reading Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas, the followup to Throne of Glass. Next up will be The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater, then Across a Star-Swept Sea by Diana Peterfreund. Allegiant is in there too, but I’m probably going to let students read it before me since I’m so far behind in my reading.