Review – Finding It
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  • October 5, 2013

Finding It

Finding It is the third book in Cora Carmack’s Losing It series. It’s a departure for the series as it’s not about Bliss, or Bliss’s unrequited love, Cade, but instead about her best friend, Kelsey. For me this is my favourite book in the series, so far.

Kelsey is trying to figure out what to do post-graduation. She is in a personal slump and needs some excitement before resigning herself to the future her family has in store for her. To that end she has decided that drinking her way across Europe on her Father’s dime might be just what she needs. Somewhere in Budapest during an ordinary night out she meets Jackson Hunt, a former military now gentleman-at-leisure. There’s a spark between them but Jackson is hesitant to pursue Kelsey. Kelsey, always game for the next adventure, travels to Prague where she encounters Jackson again. Now the real adventure truly begins as the two learn to discover who they really are, and where home really is.

There’s an undertone to this book that I really identified with, a melancholic tone to Kelsey’s core. She’s far more than just the average rich party girl. There’s a troubled past festering beneath her fragile surface. The same goes for Jackson, tormented and haunted, he hides his demons under a smooth veneer of order. But each offers the other a challenge; the great unknown.

Carmack’s writing has finessed itself since the first book. I was relieved that this was not another girl-drinking-her-way-into-awkward-love books like Losing It. I loved that book but I was afraid upon initial impression that this book would be a rehash. Not so, and a pleasant surprise. Instead we get to jaunt around Europe with this couple while they slowly become one another’s heart and home, and it’s a beautiful journey. Both are deeply wounded individuals and both learn that with one another they might begin to heal, but only by bringing themselves to the edge of their limits.

Tremendous. Easily one of the best New Adult series out there.

5 out of 5 stars.

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