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  • October 18, 2013


I decided to reread Divergent in the time leading up to the release of Allegiant, and a good thing too. I did not necessarily need the refresher for Divergent. My Insurgent read, however, is fuzzy.

Now, I’ve already read, and reviewed, Divergent. You can find my original review for it here. Rather than rehash my original thoughts on the book (which you can easily read) I would like to talk about a few, brief impressions about rereading this book a few years later.

First off, if you have not read this book yet that is a shame bordering on criminal. This book, in all of its context, is a beautiful read. There is so much depth to the story and the writing that Roth, for a second time, has left me stunned. I cannot begin to tell you how enjoyable this was to reread. I started it on Friday and read half of it in one day. I then had to break up the remaining 250+ pages with mundane things like work. And cat-sitting. And… friends. Which was frustrating on a simple, selfish level – I wanted to finish this book.

And I wanted to start Insurgent, because, like I said earlier, it’s fuzzy in my brain. I remember the plot of this book very well. I could pretty much systematically retell you the story of what happens scene by scene. I cannot, for the life of me, tell you what happens in Insurgent save one, chilling scene that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. That book is going to be an interesting one to approach.

But this book… this beautiful, insanely good book. This is one of those books that you get something new out of with every reread. I realized so many things that I missed on the first go. One noticeable thing is the amount of foreshadowing (and Fourshadowing) that Roth layers into the story. I kept noticing things about the characters that were hinted at beforehand. It made both Tris and Four ten times more interesting. Second, Tris’s growth throughout the story was so much richer. Having ended on Insurgent I know where the character goes (fuzzy read and all) and seeing where she comes from is such a contrast. Three, the development of the story actually builds upon itself in a subtle and rich way. This book has much more nuance and many more layers now.

Something I noticed with recent rereads – sometimes they bite you in the ass. There are only so many books I wish to read more than once, and fewer that I would dream of reading more than twice. This book, however, I will come back to in five years. Hell, I’ll come back to this book in thirty years, I find it that powerful. And I couldn’t be happier that it has that kind of saying power.

I want to hug this book to my heart.

(And I did a number of times this week)

5 out of 5 stars.

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Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

2013-10-19 17:33:56 Reply

I’m glad this one held up on the reread! I’ve thought about reading it again but I have a feeling that I’m not going to like nearly as much as I do now.