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  • September 10, 2013


The third book in Marissa Meyer’s fabulous Lunar Chronicles starts out in high style. Cress continues in the vein of the previous two books, Cinder and Scarlet. This pleases me as the first two were incredible books and Cress is no exception. If Meyer continues in this stride than she is bound to write a perfect series.

That’s right, I said perfect. No pressure, or anything, to Marissa Meyer.

* Spoilers for those who have not read Cinder or Scarlet *

Cinder and company are on the run from Queen Levana. They are trying to reach an outlying satellite to retrieve Cress, the isolated hacker who has, coincidentally, just been tasked by Queen Levana to find Cinder. When the group meet up chaos erupts and Levana’s thaumaturge, Sybil, throws a wrench into their plans. As a result the group splits into several directions. In order to stop Levana the group must work back to one another, no matter what hindrances get in their way.

Cress is a complicated book. There are numerous points of view stringing the story together. It adds a frenetic quality to the read; a quick paced element that draws the reader throughout the length of the book… and this is a long book. Much of the story is set up for the final book but there is definitely enough meat to please the long running fans of the series.

As Cinder’s story progresses the new characters add dimension to the world. Cress and Captain Thorne represent a new dynamic in the story – the swashbuckling hero/damsel in distress flavour. Cress has a sweet demeanor that speaks of her years of isolation. She’s very different from the other two heroines and her addition to the group is a perfect fit. Thorne also adds depth to the storyline and contrasts amazingly against Wolf. Instead of repeating the characters from previous books Meyer redefines them, crafting flesh and blood constructs that ring true. This is one of the things I really adore about her writing – her characterization. It’s amazing.

Her story plotting also deserves mention. Stringing along three fairy tale stories and slowly introducing a fourth for the next book on top of creating a unique plot of your own to draw them together. The Rapunzel plot line in this story feeds into the over Lunar/Earthen conflict so well it’s like it was designed for it. And when you throw in three other fairy tales and Meyer’s unique tale… wow. Masterful! And Fun! And so, soooo well done.

I can’t even say how much this series means to me. I can’t wait for book four.

Can. Not. Wait.

5 out of 5 stars.

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Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction

2013-09-10 14:30:20 Reply

I loved this one too! I agree that Meyer is writing the perfect series. So happy you enjoyed it 🙂

My Friends Are Fiction

Allie L

2013-09-10 16:34:49 Reply

Omg omg omg I wish I could read it like today, at this very moment. Ecstatic to hear its a five star book. This series is my favorite because of the clever retellings. Especially this one that can connect the stories together. Do you know if the fourth is the last?


    2013-09-11 01:52:04 Reply

    As far as I know there will only be four books.