The Perks of Being a Bookseller – Part 26
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  • August 12, 2013

Hello all.

It’s been a whirlwind here the last month. So many going-ons and changes… but the books have remained the same and I have been diligently taking pictures of them for your viewing pleasure… despite some personal highs and lows.

And here they are.


– Simon and Schuster mixed with assorted lovelies –


– Random House amidst assorted lovelies –


– And my favourite of the assorted lovelies… Perfect Ruin by Lauren Destefano! –

* Not pictured are the dozen books I downloaded in the last two weeks.

So… yeah. It’s been a hell of a month. And I think I have earned that sentiment. The first amazing and wonderful thing… I got married! To a boy. To the Beekeeper, no less. The ceremony was on Bastille Day and it was gorgeous and beautiful. And everything I could have wanted.

And then this happened, and now everything is different. But we carry on, because that’s all we can do.

On the subject of the Lou Tribute – I am starting the ongoing project officially as of now. Any and all who want to read the Lou books with me, and chat about it on the blog, are more than welcomed to join. I plan on picking (or having readers vote) the latest choice for the read. And then we will go from there. This is going to be VERY unscheduled (other than WE ARE READING THIS NOW AND THAT NEXT) simply because I am currently overwhelmed by books AND book group readalongs, so I can only do what I can. However, I still want to do it so I will. And any who want to participate… come along. We’ll share the load together.

The first choice for the book – I can’t decide between reading Dune by Frank Herbert or rereading the Flora Segunda books. Thoughts?

Oh, and I made a GOODREADS SHELF OF LOU BOOKS for the project.

I’ll add to it when I find new titles that seem appropriate. Ideally these are books that Louie recommended to me for years, or I remember him reading, or that I think he would get a kick out of (that he’ll never get to read)… or that he wanted to reread and never will. There are so many books that he wanted to read. For instance, he never read the Harry Potter books. I have, but he hadn’t, and I think that’s a right shame. Also, he listened to The Golden Compass and wanted to get to the rest of them… but alas. So this will be a several book project and I will keep you all updated when a Lou Book is planned.

Also, if anybody wants to be included in a special Lou book e-mailing list, hit me up at

Other than that I am reading many things right now… Many things. I am currently embroiled in Panic by Lauren Oliver, which I am enjoying immensely and a good thing too. Requiem made me doubt my writerly faith in her, but I am restored with this book… especially if she is going where I think she is going. I am also reading The Twistrose Key by Tone Almhjell, which has a Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe feel to it. And then there is The Thirteenth Tale… and soon I am starting Perfect Ruin… and I got an ARC of Cress this week.

Argh! Kill me now. Or, better yet, just wait for the stack of books to crush me and we’ll be good. Buried under books is not a bad way to go, I imagine.

Other than that… surprisingly all is good. And I am good. And thanks to everyone who has written me privately to express your sympathies for my brother’s death. The emails have been very touching, and I can’t even begin to tell you what they mean to me.

And with that, I am out. What are you reading this week and what are you most looking forward to.

 Enjoy your week all!

– BP

– Follow the Reader –





Library Thing




Perks 26 July 22 – August 12, 2013

  1. Good      Crooks Books One and Two – Mary Amato. Advanced reader copy.
  2. Bloodwitch      – Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Advanced reader copy.
  3. Promises      to Keep – Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Advanced reader copy.
  4. Enchanted      Palace – Rosie Banks. Advanced reader copy.
  5. Unicorn      Valley – Rosie Banks. Advanced reader copy.
  6. Never      Finding – Martyn Bedford. Battle Magic.
  7. White      Space – Ilsa Bick. Advanced reader copy. 2 copies.
  8. Terminated      – Rachel Caine. Final Mass Market Paperback.
  9. The      Tyrant’s Daughter – J.C. Carleson. Advanced reader copy.
  10. Year      of Mistaken Discoveries – Eileen Cook. Advanced reader copy.
  11. A      Dance of Cloaks – David Dalglish. Advanced reader copy.
  12. Oblivion      – Sasha Dawn. Advanced reader copy.
  13. Into      the Dark – Bree Despain. Advanced reader copy. 2 copies.
  14. Perfect      Ruin – Lauren Destefano. Advanced reader copy.
  15. The      Last Dark – Stephen R. Donaldson. Advanced reader copy.
  16. Midnight      Frost – Jennifer Estep. Final quality paperback.
  17. Task      Force – Brian Falkner. Advanced reader copy.
  18. Parasite      – Mira Grant. Advanced reader copy.
  19. Dangerous      Girls – Abigail Haas. Advanced reader copy.
  20. The      Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy – Kate Hattemer. Advanced reader copy.
  21. Burn      Out – Kristi Helvig. Advanced reader copy. 2 copies.
  22. Kissing in Italian – Lauren      Henderson. Advanced reader copy.
  23. Why We      Took the Car – Wolfgang Herrndorf. Advanced reader copy.
  24. 1      Year, 100 Pounds – Whitney Holcombe. Advanced reader copy.
  25. Grimmtastic      Girls: Cinderella Stays Late – Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams. Advanced      reader copy.
  26. Odd      Weird and Little – Patrick Jennings. Advanced reader copy.
  27. Furious      Jones – Tim Kehoe. Advanced reader copy.
  28. The      Gospel of Winter – Brendan Kiely. Advanced reader copy.
  29. Between      Two Worlds – Patrick Kirkpatrick. Advanced reader copy.
  30. Pieces      of Me – Amber Kizer. Battle Magic.
  31. Toxic      Heart – Theo Lawrence. Advanced reader copy.
  32. The      Boy on the Wooden Box – Leon Leyson. Advanced reader copy.
  33. Freewill      – Chris Lynch. Advanced reader copy.
  34. Gypsy      Davey – Chris Lynch. Advanced reader copy.
  35. Little      Blue Lies – Chris Lynch. Advanced reader copy.
  36. World      War II: The Right Fight – Chris Lynch. Advanced reader copy.
  37. Let      the Storms Break –  Shannon      Messenger. Advanced reader copy.
  38. Jungle      of Bones – Ben Mikaelsen. Advanced reader copy.
  39. Don’t      Even Think About It – Sarah Mlynowski. Advanced reader copy.
  40. Being      Sloane Jacobs – Lauren Morrill. Advanced reader copy.
  41. The      Boundless – Kenneth Oppel. Advanced reader copy.
  42. Acid –      Emma Pass. Advanced reader copy. 2 copies.
  43. Battle      Magic – Tamora Pierce. Advanced reader copy.
  44. Enders      – Lissa Price. Advanced reader copy. 2 copies.
  45. The      Westing Game – Ellen Raskin. Final Hardcover.
  46. When I      was the Greatest – Jason Reynolds. Advanced reader copy.
  47. The      Wednesday Wars – Gary D. Schmidt. Final Hardcover.
  48. The      Edge of Falling – Rebecca Serle. Advanced reader copy.
  49. Learning      not to Drown – Anna Shinoda. Advanced reader copy.
  50. Love      Me – Rachel Shukert. Advanced reader copy.
  51. No      Place – Todd Strasser. Advanced reader copy.
  52. I      survived the Japanese Tsunami – Lawrence Tarshis. Advanced reader copy.
  53. The      Tinker King – Tiffany Trent. Advanced reader copy.
  54. Ten      Tiny Breaths – K.A. Tucker. Advanced reader copy.
  55. The      Scar Boys – Len Vlahos. Advanced reader copy. 2 copies.
  56. The      Book of Lost Things – Cynthia Voigt. Advanced reader copy.
  57. Middle      School Cool – Maiya Williams. Advanced reader copy.
  58. Empire      of Bones – N.D. Wilson. Advanced reader copy.


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David E

2013-08-12 14:25:25 Reply

Perfect Ruin……. I’m DYING! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.


    2013-08-12 14:31:24 Reply

    I can hear the exact intonations of your voice when you say that, David. 🙂


2013-08-12 15:42:08 Reply

Holy moly! Do you see shiny book titles in your sleep now?


2013-08-13 03:04:51 Reply

Excellent haul this week! I hadn’t heard of a lot of them, so I enjoyed looking them up on GR – and adding a few to my TR/Wishlist. 😉 White Space looks especially interesting – anything to do with books and I’m all in! Congrats on snagging Perfect Ruin – it seems to be THE book everyone’s excited to read right now. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂