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  • July 22, 2013

the trap

The Trap is easily one of my most anticipated books of this year. The first book, The Hunt, was my favourite book from last year. Period. This year I read the sequel, The Prey, and was equally overwhelmed. The Prey managed to not only meet but exceed my expectations. It’s bold, it’s terrifying, and it’s memorable, and I’ve been telling customers for six months that The Prey has the scariest vampire scene in it that I have ever read.



This week The Trap blew both of those books out of the water. And, with that, Andrew Fukuda cements himself into that rare pantheon of authors I have read who penned a perfect trilogy… as well as a firm footing in my autobuy list forever.


* Spoilers for those who have not read The Hunt and The Prey *

The Trap picks up immediately after the events in book two. Gene and Sissy have fled the Mission in a train with Epap, David, and the surviving mutilated rescued girls. When the train stops the evacuees finds themself facing down new horrors as well as a new path. Bound to face his past, Gene is determined to survive at all costs. He has to. He and Sissy are the only hope to save the Hepers from the Duskers.

And they cannot fail.

I cannot even begin to describe what a joy it was to be back in this world. This book is one of those rare reads that enthralls the reader from open to close. Fukuda swaps his trademark chills and terror for a new angle; a creeping, disturbing tautness that provokes shudders as well as gasps from the reader. I found the scenes to be more gruesome, more grotesque, and, if possible, more frightening than in the previous books. There’s more of a sense of lingering unease than anything in this book but it works better than outright panic. I feel that Fukuda had to amp up the ante with this book. And he did it with style and a skill that I can only shake my head at. The scenes in this book… yeah. If you weren’t a fan of book two rest assured that book three brings everything back home.

With a vengeance.

There is a new twist to Fukuda’s writing. He branches out and writes this book from other characters’ points-of-view. We still follow Gene for the most part. His narrative is told in first person. The secondary, and tertiary, narrators are told in third person… and you will be amazed to see who they are. I thought it would be a jarring change but it’s not. It continues the momentum from the first two books and carries it until the tumultuous end.

I am in awe by this book. I am so glad that Fukuda went here. And, by the same measure, I am glad that the trilogy is at an end, because I cannot wait to see what he does next.

5 out of 5 stars.


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2013-07-22 00:34:39 Reply

I thought the prey was better than the hunt. I can’t wait to read the trap!!!! Good to know the last book of this trilogy has a strong ending!