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  • July 2, 2013


Archetype is a debut novel by M.D. Waters. I read this book over a month ago while my blog was undergoing the transition from the old space to the new. It is, quite simply, one of the best books that I have read this year.

Emma was in an accident that has robbed her of her past. While convalescing she is introduced to Declan Burke, her charming and handsome husband whom she does not remember. Declan is devoted and attentive but Emma is still having a hard time adjusting post trauma. Haunted by disturbing dreams Emma turns to painting; easily creating lush seascapes that lull her into a false sense of security. When Emma’s recovery is deemed acceptable she is sent home to the mountains with Declan. The two fall into an easy partnership with one another but something is off. Emma’s dreams still undo her; dreams of the WTC and of a man named Noah. She begins to wonder if her dreams are only that or if they could mean the destruction of her entire world.

This book redefines the phrase “trophy wife”. Archetype poses several frightening views of a possible future were women are bought and sold like merchandise. Every mandate about what they do with their bodies is strictly regulated by men. As such a woman’s body does not belong to her. It belongs to her husband and he is within his legal rights to do whatever he wants with his property. It is a grim outlook of a future that could someday become reality.

Archetype is a dazzling debut, a very sharp book. It has such a dignified air to it, a beautiful poignancy in the writing. But the beauty is a skin deep mask threatening to expose itself at any moment. Beneath the surface is a haunting, corrosive tension that eats the reader alive. It makes the reader nauseous in the best possible way.

This is one of those books that seeps into your consciousness. It breeds discontent. It forces one to ponder the possible “what if?”… What if this book was true and this grim outlook implied a probably future for women? What if this is what our genders have to look forward to… the selling of sex in the most literal way.

This book… this book.

There are no more words for this book.

5 out of 5 stars.

– BP

* Archetype releases on February 6, 2014.

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Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction

2013-07-02 17:32:00 Reply

This one seems interesting…it’s on my TBR list. So happy you enjoyed it so much. The cover just seems suffocating. Great review!