The Perks of Being a Bookseller – Part 22
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  • June 10, 2013
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 Hello all.
I’ve been stalling my review posts because of the upcoming move. But I wanted to at least bring you the weekly feature, The Perks of Being a Bookseller. This has been an ongoing episodic feature in which I show you what  received the previous week from the publisher. And for the first time ever this is what I received.
One book.
As in only one digit more than zero.
I must be in between seasons. I can tell. But it’s all good. I’m as surprised as you are.

So, in theory that should allow me the time to catch up, right? Well… I could, if I wasn’t in the midst of wedding chaos. I have just over a month to go until my impending nuptials (go me!) (gulp) and I have been starting to feel the crunch (vomit).
It’s mayhem and bedlam time, it is. And I am woefully unprepared. But I guess that is to be expected, right?
To that end, my reading has suffered a touch. But, I guess that is to be expected as well. Also, I’m excited for the upcoming blog move, which should go live sometime next week. Which terrifies and elates me. It will be this blog, but it will be another blog. Which is awesome. And you can find me at:
Once the move has been made I will explain in detail why this had to happen. I will also host a giveaway for the chance to win an ARC from my personal collection OF THE WINNER’S CHOICE. Which I am opening up solely to anyone who wants to blog and post about the move in the next week leading up to it. The giveaway is going to be a numerically based one like I have always done. However, if you post or tweet (or other means of spreading the word) you will get more guessing entries.
So, if you want to start spreading the word now, then by all means start your engines. It only behooves you to post.
And what are the ARCs in my personal collection, praytell? Well…
So take a gander and see if there is anything you would like to try for. This is, of course, more beneficial to people with a blog (the “points”, ie entries that you get for writing a post about the move are greater than just a tweet or a status update). But you can post to facebook, twitter, and the like. Just keep in mind leading up to the actual move (and contest) that the only way to earn entries is to post about the upcoming move (before AND after the fact). And keep track of where you have done that for the entries. I will explain the rules in more detail once we’ve shifted gears.
Copy/paste is our best friend, right? Of course, right.
What are you reading right now? What are you looking forward to reading?
So, that’s this week’s edition  of the Perks. I’m looking forward to the new blog. I hope that you all are as well.
 – BP

* Note: There may be a handful of books in that listing that I no longer have. I do try to remove everything from my Goodreads account once it has left my house, but I am only human. In the event that you win, and want something from my books that I no longer possess, I will figure out a better compensation. Maybe you’ll get two books of your choice, then.
** When the shelf says ARCS-MANUSCRIPTS some of the books I have are exactly that… manuscripts. this means very early bound editions of books. With errors in them. Before edits. And before changes. But I do have more ARCs then Manuscripts.
*** Some of these ARCs are even autographed…

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