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  • June 30, 2013
faking it

Faking It is the second New Adult title by Cora Carmack, the sequel to her debut Losing It. While I am dubious overall about the New Adult genre I rather enjoyed Carmack’s freshman book. This book, however, is all over the map. And I am right there with it.


* Spoilers for those who have not read Losing It *


Cade is a ruined man over his feelings for Bliss, the woman from Losing It who threw him over for Garrick. Determined to put her aside he meets a young woman, Max, in a coffee shop. Max also has problems. Max is a free spirited tattooed beauty who is trying to fit into the mold her parents want for her but only in their presence. Cue a sudden surprise visit from her parents and Max needs an instant image change… including a new boyfriend. Stat. Max zeroes in on Cade whose wholesome appearance is more desirable than her current boyfriend’s, Mace. The two fall into an easy partnership that blossoms and makes both question everything that they ever thought they wanted.


Initially, I was turned off from reading this book in the first chapter. There’s a line that Cade says in an internal monologue seven pages into the book that is so blatantly sexist that I didn’t want to continue with the book.


Said line:


“That was the worst part of all of this. I’d gotten my heart broken by my best friend, and now everyone tiptoed around me like I was on the verge of meltdown, like a girl with PMS. Apparently having emotions equated to having a vagina.”


First off, grammatically speaking, the last sentence is really awkward. Second, It’s really sexist, the implication that having either emotions OR a vagina makes one inferior. I was immediately turned off from Cade and he had an uphill battle to win my affections as a reader (which he never really did). Generally speaking whenever I see anything like this in a novel that so specifically hits my annoyed button I veer. However, I knew this was going to be an alternating narrative story, so I at least wanted to see how I liked the woman.


Enter Max, who utterly stole my heart.


Max is the biggest reason I ended up not only continuing but enjoying this book. Max is a complex ball of interest. She is fiery and feisty. She is also wounded, hiding her true self under altered skin and coloured hair. I identified with her character from the word go. Max is a musician, a kindred spirit to this artistic girl at heart. Max stole this book from Cade who was milquetoast and unappealing.


On the sexist line I will say this – after I got to know Cade a little bit this line seemed so out of character for the perpetual nice boy. Cade is chivalrous and gallant (though admittedly bland as white bread). Cade is the type who holds doors and pulls out chairs for his partner. Why would this sentence even pass through his head?


This brings me to my second major problem with this book – the editing… or seemingly lack-there-of. The editing in this book was really poor. I don’t know if it’s because it was released as an e-book first or if this is just the culture of New Adult but the editing was super weak. I would have removed the sexist line completely from the text. It’s insulting at best and revolting at worst. It has no place in Cade’s thoughts unless it’s to provoke. Also, I would have cleaned up all of the inconsistencies within the text that made the book make less sense. There’s a mention several times of the door lock to Max’s apartment being broken and yet one time we get this line:

“ And then, because I was the dumbass who couldn’t remember to lock her apartment, I heard the door swing open. ” (page 114)


Phraseology is very important and perhaps this could have been an oversight. However, if it is Carmack should have not continued to mention the broken lock. Or this line should have been altered to be more consistent with her details. It shows shoddy work, both on the author’s and the editor’s part. There were also numerous grammar things, misspelled words, double uses of the word “the” and other things like that. And to top it off the ending lacked closure and seemed very anticlimactic. I hit the author acknowledgement in the back of the book and wondered where the rest of the story went.


To sum up, the book had its moments, but I was divided on most of it. If Max were not as appealing as she was this book would have been abandoned in the second chapter. Because of the grammar annoyances, and the sexism, I would give it a 2. Max brought it up to a 4, so I’ll split the difference and land on a 3. I’m now torn on if I want to bother reading the next book, Finding It.


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Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

2013-06-30 02:23:27 Reply

WOAH! What a thorough review! I liked this book a lot, but not as much as I liked Losing It. I wasn’t a huge fan of Max (though I see you were!), but CADE. *hugs imaginary Cade*

And now, the wait for Finding It…

Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!